Why It Benefits To Be Efficient About Emissions

Regardless of whether one is a “nature-lover”, what matters is our and loved ones’ health, longevity, comfort, and societies’ sustainability. This is why it is essential to our species to show concern for the environment. All this is directly related to the environment within which we live: a bad, noxious, resource-empty environment is a hazard for anyone living there; whereas one that is rich in resources, has clean air and sustained ecosystems is beneficial.

In order to make the world more like the latter, we ought to be aware of new technologies in place achieving such goals and why companies do and should support these.

Why It Benefits To Be Efficient About Emissions

Being efficient about emissions means being efficient about costs

As Cass Sunstein, a behavioural scientist and legal scholar, has argued, the best reason to reduce emissions is that it also reduces costs. For example, in the United States:

“the [new] fuel economy rules will eventually save consumers more than $1.7 trillion, cut United States oil consumption by 12 billion barrels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by six billion metric tons — more than the total amount of carbon dioxide emitted by the United States in 2010.”

Importantly: “The monetary benefits of these rules exceed the monetary costs by billions of dollars annually.”

Even on an individual level, however, there are reasons to reduce damage to the environment via emissions: cycling, instead of driving, promoting exercise; cutting down on paper, using digital documents instead and thereby using ebooks that are often cheaper; using fuel efficient vehicles, which uses less fuel and pumps out less emissions.

Efficiency drives technology innovation, makes living cheaper

In order to be more efficient, engineers have successfully created better engine turbochargers, advanced fuel systems, hybrid powertrain components, that, as the Manufacturers of Emission Controls Association (MECA) highlight: “help improve overall vehicle efficiencies that in turn can result in lower CO2 emissions.”

The creation of hybrid cars, for example, also indicates how advancement in various technology areas is brought about by a need to be efficient.

Green technology in the home, such as solar panels, also means less costs for you as an individual for electricity, gas and so on.

New methods can be completely carbon neutral

New methods to obtain “petrol from air” offer a major step forward to fight the energy crisis and reduce global warming. Though it is of particular interest to the oil and gas industry, this technology’s wider use affect us all. “We’ve taken carbon dioxide from air and hydrogen from water and turned these elements into petrol,” the technology company’s CEO said. Using the right kind of electricity generator, the entire process could be completely carbon neutral.

This means instead of using carbon to obtain it, we can equalise and create a better environment. All this means less Carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, making for a better, healthier world.

The advantages to taking environmentally safe steps, whether as individuals or companies, is that it is cost-effective, drives technological innovation, and can lead to safer methods of obtaining carbon. There is no reason then to be neutral, unconcerned or opposing to making the world a better, cleaner place.

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