Which Green Technologies Represent Attractive Investments?

Given the manner in which environmental awareness is promoted around the world, one would think that all investments into green initiatives would have the potential to be successful and offer high returns.

There are, however, a number of areas of eco-technology that have proven less popular than others have, while some continue to cause concern over whether or not they are actually of any benefit or are little more than a gimmick. Even popular technologies such as wind turbines and green vehicles at times stand accused of being only for show. We explored a number of attractive green investments, and looked at why they are likely to offer healthy returns.

Eco-Friendly Cars

Yes, yes, we know that we’ve just ‘outed’ eco-friendly cars as being a bit misleading, but hear us out.

The reason why eco-friendly cars are termed as such at the moment is because only certain parts of their operation are good for the environment, while others cause damage equal or on a greater level to that of a traditional car.

At the same time, eco-cars remain expensive and inaccessible for many people. For this reason, eco-friendly technology for cars is perhaps the biggest investment opportunity in any industry. When research and development means that 100% eco-friendly cars are a reality on an affordable scale for everyone, this will change the world and make a lot of money for anyone who has a stake in it.

Building Materials

In years gone by green buildings were something that popped up every once in a while, however now they are firmly established as the norm thanks to designers and architects around the world.

That isn’t to say that there aren’t still advancements to come, however, with solutions such as ETFE foil and others continuing to develop and become better understood all of the time, who is to say where the potential for eco-construction will take us?

Which Green Technologies Represent Attractive Investments?

Green Energy

While green energy initiatives will be attractive to investors, there needs to be much consideration taken before ‘taking the plunge,’ so to speak. As we mentioned earlier, wind energy is one renewable source that is currently taking a lot of criticism, and not everyone has yet accepted solar harnessing, either.

Therefore, the smart investment may well be into green energy research, rather than the companies themselves, who are likely to find themselves at the mercy of global governments who could potentially change their energy policies at the drop of a hat.

Green investments offer a varied and attractive marketplace; however, there is plenty of room for error if these are not considered carefully. Many environmental initiatives tend to suffer from short-term thinking, so ensure you have thought about the ‘long game’ and researched your potential investments thoroughly before committing your own capital.

Robert is an online content writer with a strong interest in the environment, specifically around how investments into the development of products such as ETFE foil and other building materials can influence further research and development.

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