What’s The Future Of Mobile Advertising?

Digital technology is all around us and it is changing at a faster rate, mobile devices have become part and parcel of our day to day activities. In fact, chances are that when you woke up this morning, felt your phone was outdated and you need a new one just because you switched on the TV and there was this feature on a new smartphone. To the business world, the same is happening with respect to mobile marketing. With each passing day, mobile ad networks get more sophisticated leaving marketers playing catch up. It is suffice to say that no one knows where mobile marketing is headed; we are only left to guess.


However, one thing is definite; the future of mobile advertising is built on current trends. It also has everything to do with context, location and extreme personalization. People count on their iPhones, iPads, etc. for just about everything. On the other hand, marketers have the ability to target, engage and offer deals and coupons when shoppers need them.

As result of people’s inherent and constant interaction with their mobile devices, marketers are constantly in search of mobile ad networks with the capability of engaging consumers in the most effective way possible.

A Glimpse into the Future of Mobile Marketing

It is expected that by the end of 2013, the number of desktop web searches will be eclipsed by the number of mobile web searches. Already businesses are starting to consider mobile as the center of the marketing universe. According to marketing specialists, mobile advertising can give and brands unique capabilities to reach customers with unprecedented engagement and relevance. Due to these, there is an ongoing shift from a secondary marketing strategy into taking center stage of marketing.

Judging by current trends, mobile advertising is growing considering that advertisers are hungry for more. This is a strong indicator of a vibrant future for mobile advertising. In comparison to publishers and operators who have not been quick to adapt, mobile marketers are always on the lookout for new ways of creating unique experiences by using more innovative mobile ad networks. Currently, the pace of change within the marketing industry is very rapid, and mobile advertisers are capitalizing on that to experiment and innovate.

Is the Future of Mobile Advertising Already Here with us?

It seems like it. As stated earlier, the future of mobile advertising is built on the trends we are witnessing currently and it seems like the future is already taking advantage of these trends. It is a fact that more people are using mobile and more continue to be initiated with each passing day. The future is here with and as the mobile world grows, opportunities of customer engagement are meant to also grow, businesses wouldn’t want to be left out hence demand for advanced mobile advertising platforms is meant to increase. The question then changes, how prepared is your business, whether small or big, to embrace the shift in marketing?

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