What Happens During A Polygraph Test

Why Would You Take A Polygraph Test?

You might take a polygraph test if you have been accused of doing something that you didn’t and no one believes you. Your partner of spouse might have been accused by a third party of having sex with another person and you want your partner to prove to you that they didn’t. A lot of the Jeremy Kyle type programs show polygraph test as a test to prove if the other person has had sex with someone they shouldn’t but lie detector tests are used by the Police and protection agencies, especially in the United States, to find out if more sinister lies are being told. A lot of larger companies will use a polygraph test to test a new employee to find out if they have the necessary qualities, personality traits and opinions that they are looking for in a new employee. In some cases a person might request to take a polygraph test themselves to prove their innocence to a loved one or friend that might be suspecting them of foul play.

What Happens During A Polygraph Test

What Happens During A Polygraph Test?

When you are invited to have a polygraph test or a lie detector test the examiner will possibly give you a pre-test which will help the examiner read the actual test results with a better informed interpretation of your exam performance. Using a number of sensors attached to the body that track physiological changes can tell the examiner if you are lying or telling the truth. The sensors that are attached to the body are then linked to the polygraph machine which then relays the information onto graph paper via a bank of needles. This test is pain free, takes around an hour and in most cases, the examiner can give the results at the end of the test.

Can The Test Be Cheated?

The test can be cheated but it takes some preparation work and quite a strong will. With the aid of a particularly strong anti perspirerant deodorant the person being tested can fool the machine; however the examiners are usually very experienced and can often tell when the test is being sabotaged by the person sitting the test. The examiner asks questions in a disordered fashion which can be confusing and break the concentration needed to fool the machine. The test can be anything from 75% – 95% accurate depending on which test machine is being used, how old the equipment is and how the questions are asked and how many times the same question is asked.

How Do You Become A Polygraph Tester?

To become a qualified and certified polygraph tester you need to attend a certified course at an accredited school. The APA promotes and expects a high standard from its polygraph testers and is very strict with inspections to their accredited schools. So if you want to become a really good examiner APA would be the best choice in training you. It would also be advised to use the APA to locate your nearest test center.

Charlie Hodgson had worked alongside many other Private detectives and in the many years working in the industry has carried out many investigation and surveillance jobs. He has come across many Polygraph tests and understands the process by which they are carried out. For more information and blogs or this type please visit http://www.birmingham-privatedetectives.co.uk/

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