What Do You Need: Apple TV Or Airport Extreme? That Is The Question.

When it comes to electronics, deciding between an Apple TV and an Airport Extreme can be a tough decision. With rumors that the new Apple TV is going to dominate the world of television, it’s hard to say if TV-lovers should hold out for the new deal, or just go for the Airport Extreme.

What Do You Need: Apple TV Or Airport Extreme? That Is The Question.

The Comparison

The Apple TV and the Airport Extreme might look very similar, however, the two products offer separate functions and many find it difficult to choose one device over the other. Apple TV and Airport Extreme basically create a type of wireless network with a household. Apple TV is a small, yet powerful, entertainment device that plays the content from your iTunes, Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, and your favorite sports leagues on the televisions throughout your home in up to 1080p HD. It is NOT an actual television set. The Apple TV acts as a type of external hard drive in which all of you media files are stored and then can be displayed on your home television. For example, you can download a movie on your iTunes on your computer, and it will instantly transfer to Apple TV. From there, you can now watch your movie on your HD television. Although the Apple TV can transfer and store this information wirelessly, the device still needs wireless from a router in order to operate. If you have a standard wireless router, your wireless devices might run very slower if all connected at once.

This is where the Airport Extreme might be the product you are in need of. The Airport Extreme combines the functionality of a Router, Network switch, Wi-Fi base station and NAS, as well as varied other functions. The Airport Express can provide a Wi-Fi signal for up to 50 devices at one time. This includes multiple house hold computers, printers, smart phones, television sets, etc. It creates an extremely fast connection, and can also create two separate wireless networks within the same device. One for you and one for guests or home business. It may not be able to store data and project it straight to a television set, but it will allow for your computer and television to perform with out a problem at the same time. Most HD televisions now a days automatically come with a Netflix and Hulu connection, as long as the wireless connection is strong.

The Conclusion

What it ultimately comes down to is which device can give you more functions for your money. The Airport Extreme costs under $200, while the Apple TV costs around $250. The Airport Extreme will provide a home with more functions for wireless devices and would be the best purchase to start. It is much more functional and a lower cost then the Apple TV, which is more like a special electronic treat more then it is a necessity. Same opinions can be associated with the ‘real Apple Television Set’ that has yet to be released. There are only rumors of this devices and might not make sense to hold out for the product. Your best bet is to make the Airport Express your staple Apple product, and gradually add on from there.

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