What Are Respironics Oxygen Concentrators?

Respironics oxygen concentrators are convenient and invaluable devices that are intended for patients who have breathing difficulties and other respiratory issues. When a patient is in need of oxygen therapy, it can become frustrating when trying to arrange travel, shopping, and other regular activities that were once simple to complete. Having the freedom to maintain your mobility is essential, not only to your metal health but for your physical health and well-being as well. Respironics oxygen concentrators allow you to exercise, which is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, since the lightweight portable oxygen concentrators can be transported with ease.

What Are Respironics Oxygen Concentrators?

How Can An Oxygen Concentrator Improve My Life?

Breathing without difficulty or complication is the number one priority for anyone suffering with breathing problems. The entire line of Respironics oxygen concentrator products are geared towards enhanced breathing; giving patients the proper treatments they need to maintain optimal health. Home oxygen concentrators can be used for the following at-home treatments to improve and maintain health, such as:    * Sleep Improvement    * Respiratory Therapy    * Drug Delivery

Sleep Improvement Solutions

Modern day CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machines have drastically improved in both design and effectiveness when compared to first generation models. These newer and more advanced machines can provide relief to patients suffering from a sleeping disorder that has the ability to impair their breathing. The machines range from the fixed CPAP to the auto-CPAP and provide adequate relief from certain medical conditions. Masks are often used with the Respironic Oxygen Concentrators in order to ensure full benefits from the oxygen therapy. The masks are available in different styles to reflect your individual needs and comfort. Lastly, Diagnostic Systems help your doctor understand your condition by using sensors and other monitoring devices to pick up on your sleeping habits, breathing patterns, and much more.

Oxygen Concentrators for Respiratory Therapy Treatment

Respiratory therapy is a form of oxygen supplementation that uses specially designed devices, such as a ventilator or an oximetry device, to treat problematic breathing. This allows the patient to remain in their own home, since the units are designed for long-term personal use. These devices can monitor oxygen levels and intake as well as a variety of other features to provide the ultimate freedom and independence that comes along with portable oxygen concentrators.

Portable Oxygen For Drug Delivery Systems

When purchasing a portable oxygen concentrator, it’s important to consider what features are most valuable to the patient in need of the device. For some, drug delivery is essential in order to provide proper medication in an efficient and effective manner. A nebulizer provides fast results and its portable, lightweight design allows it to be transported easily. The device can be cleaned and disinfected quickly, making maintenance a breeze. When managing the symptoms of asthma, AsthmaPACK kits provide a safe way to supervise your medication intake while also informing you of the most important up-to-date information about the existing medical condition. Other advanced devices available include peak flow meters and IMT/PEP machines.

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