Tracker On Work Van To Check Round

Worker not being honest

It is an unfortunate fact but we are not able to trust all people all the time. It is very tempting to have the sole use of a company vehicle with company petrol and not misuse the vehicle.  How would the company know it the van did a couple of extra miles a few times a week? Most people do not realise that they are effectively stealing from the business. Workers are warned that they have a tracking device on their vehicle and that it is looked at on a regular basis.

Tracker On Work Van To Check Round

Tracker fitted on work van

A GPS tracking device is fitted to the work vehicle and monitored via the internet. It records the speed of the vehicle, where the vehicle goes and for how long it has stopped somewhere. It can record if the vehicle is parked in a non-parking area so there is no dispute over a parking fine etc. This type of monitoring can help with petrol use and ware and tare of the vehicle. This type of analysis is good got the whole company because money that is spent on all these extras like fuel consumption, extra fuel because you keep going the long way round , parking tickets because of illegal parking and van sharing if you are working on the same job. All these things take a bit of getting used to but the savings are significant not only for the company but for the staff as well.

Worker behaving badly misuse of van and possibly other equipment

The device will show if the driver is a speeder or a bad parker and it will show if the worker is on time or takes the long way around to get somewhere. In fact there is nothing left to hide. The GPS device will answer all the employers questions and in black and white. Monitoring staff driving can help to reduce accidents. By helping a fast driver to slow down and relax can prevent an accident, will reduce fuel consumption and will help to keep the drivers blood pressure lower.

Surveillance to follow van

Surveillance can be used to gain photographic evidence of the driver committing any offences that he has been recorded of before. The surveillance should be a last resort because the employee knows the tracker is on the vehicle and recording his driving etc. The evidence is supplied by the tracker and also by detectives if they carry out surveillance It could be the end of the road for the employee by the time it comes to surveillance but there could still be an explanation for whatever is happening .It could also be that the employee might have an issue with the vehicle they are driving and may wish to use some of the data to prove he has a point. This could be a problem that makes it look like he is driving like a mad man when he is not surveillance and the tracker report should show up any anomalies.

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