Top 5 Office Chairs

Purchasing an office chair requires knowledge of the proper ergonomics of chairs and office equipment. An ergonomic chair must be adjustable in many different directions to provide comfort for a majority of people. Adjustable seat height, proper lumbar support and adequate back support are just a few factors to consider when purchasing a chair. Many chairs also have adjustable arm rests as well to minimize strain on the wrists. While examining the top five office chairs, we will consider these factors.

Top 5 Office Chairs

1. Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair
The Herman Miller office chair is one of the most popular brands that numerous physicians recommend for proper support for the back, neck, arms and lumbar. These chairs are light weight, but provide maximum support in all the areas needed. This chair is good for large frames, as well as, smaller frames.

The designers of the chair have won numerous awards for the design that addresses all the stressors on the body. Reduction of stresses reduces fatigue and increases productivity. Ergonomics is important to reduce risk of office related injuries.

Herman Miller produces several models, and the Aeron is one of their best models. The chair retails at approximately $399. The company also offers more economical solutions.

2. The Leap Chair by Steelcase
Steelcase is a heavily researched design that incorporated the use of 27 scientists through 11 studies and 732 test participants to devise this unique office chair. Consequently, the chair is one of the most award-winning and highly sought after chairs on the market. The chair is designed to adjust as your body moves. The chair mimics the behavior of your spine and provides maximum support. The chair has won numerous awards from authoritative sources, including The Most Innovative Design Award.

3. Freedom Chair by Humanscale

Freedom Chair has won 10 international design awards for its innovative designs in office chair equipment. The design is ergonomic and minimizes the number of manually adjusted controls. The chair is fitted and then, no further adjustments are required. The armrests move in tandem to eliminate uneven arm positioning.

4. Hon Pillow-Soft 2090 Series Chair
The viso-elastic “memory foam” and the “pillow-soft” padding offer support throughout the day. Additional lumbar support is also at the back of the chair. A five-star base is provided for stability. The chair also features a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

5. The LazyBoy Executive Chair

This chair does not meet all of the ergonomic requirements of a chair. However, it is comfortable for sitting all day long. The armrests are not adjustable, and the manual controls are not as user-friendly as the other options. But the chair is comfortable, according to reviews.

Before deciding on a chair, try several chairs to determine which chair works best for your body type. Try the chair both when your body is fatigued and when your body is well-rested to determine which will work best for you. When you make the decision, your body will thank you.

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