Top 5 Android Apps That Every Android User Must Have

There is no denying that Android smartphones have gained massive popularity since their introduction in the market. Android phones are just as good as most other devices in the market. However, with the right applications installed, they can be made even better. Such applications bring a combination of style and efficiency, something that makes owning an Android device an enjoyable experience, to say the least. Outlined below are the top 5 Android apps that every Android user must have.


1. LauncherPro.

Besides being very attractive, Android launcher is very basic in function and design, something that takes any Android Smartphone to the next high level. LauncherPro brings a customizable bar that adds a whole new functionality to the Android phones’ home screen. This application allows users to add home screen widgets as desired for a truly new functionality. More interesting is the fact that the same widgets can be customized in tandem with the heart’s desires, just to ensure that they look right. Even though there are many alternative launchers, none can rival the LauncherPro.

2. Beautiful Widgets.

The beauty and strength of any Android Smartphone lies in its unique ability to transform the interface to look more personal. In this respect, nothing does it better than Beautiful Widgets application. The application is capable of installing a number of widgets that are of varying sizes to suit the exact look and feel of the home screen to the user’s taste and preference. With beautiful widgets, you are able to customize your home the way you want it to. These widgets can also be combined in different ways to fit the taste of the user.

3. Dolphin Browser HD.

Most web browsers that are installed on Android phones are quite good, but they are nowhere near the Dolphin Browser HD in terms of functionality. With close to 250,000 downloads, it is no doubt the most popular Android browser in the market. Besides being fast in execution, it also has an outstanding touch system that guarantees improved browsing experience. The application also has a unique plug-in system that brings different functionality to the browser as may be desired. This browser application also supports flash, navigation, HTML5 and multi-touch zoom. In addition to that is a side bar for quick access to favorite websites.

4. Multicon Widget.

Due to their small sizes, phone screens mostly hold limited information. However, sometimes you may need to add more icons to accommodate information that can fit in. This is where Multicon Widget application comes in handy. This unique application allows Android users to put up to four icons in a space that is usually occupied by one. These four additional slots, however, are not limited to specific applications, and you can input shortcuts to actions as well as special functions in the slots. It is arguably one of the most useful widgets for a free application.

5. Amazon MP3.

This is one of the must-have Android applications, especially if you have a soft spot for music. It has evolved from a simple means of getting free music to a fully-fledged cloud music playing system. It allows cheap and easy access to albums found in Amazon music library. Once you have downloaded the application and uploaded your music library, streaming live is as easy as a touch on the screen. For those that are not into cloud computing, the application can still play music they have stored locally on their phones.

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