To Catch A Thief: Benefits Of Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras are employed more and more often at small businesses and homes. Employers and homeowners have seen the many benefits of installing surveillance cameras at their location. Here is a look at 5 of the best reasons for surveillance cameras:

To Catch A Thief: Benefits Of Surveillance Cameras

For Evidence

Customers, employees, vendors and others are much more unlikely to break any crimes when they know that the evidence of the crime is being recorded. A high quality surveillance camera is the best evidence someone can have to prosecute a criminal. When the criminal is spotted in high definition video in the act of a crime, there will be no doubt in the prosecutor’s mind.

Deterrent to Crime

Many times, potential crimes are averted simply by the criminal seeing a surveillance camera. Knowing that a camera is recording their every move is a pretty successful deterrent for all but the dumbest criminals. Employees are also likely to follow safety procedures and get to work on time when they know their actions are being recorded.


The average price of surveillance cameras has gone down drastically over the years. Buying a a surveillance camera kit that includes 4 cameras can easily be done under $200. Lower quality kits are even sold for under $50. The price barrier for surveillance cameras has never been cheaper. When the products or personal property that the cameras are protecting are important, spending less than $200 for cameras is a bargain and no-brainer activity.

Technology Breakthroughs

There have been some amazing technological breakthroughs on the surveillance camera market in the last few years. Many newer cameras allow users to see the camera’s viewpoint at anytime over the internet or through an Android or iOS app. A person can be on vacation thousands of miles away from home and see their front door at home through their WiFi-enabled surveillance camera. The visual quality of cameras has also made significant improvements. Thanks to better digital lenses and advances in memory storage, recording high definition footage is easily accomplished by most surveillance cameras on the market.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your home or small business is being monitored gives many users a great peace of mind. Just having a good lock and an alarm system won’t allow people to figure out how a crime happened if and when the criminal gets away. Knowing how effective cameras are for deterring crime compared to locks and alarms alone also put a mind at ease.

Peter Wendt is a freelance writer and small business owner living in the great city of Austin, Texas. After an increase of break-ins in the surrounding area of his shop, Wendt decided to have a video surveillance system installed by Austin All Star Security, and can now be at ease, knowing that he can keep an eye on his shop at all times.

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