Three Items Of The Most Effective Surveillance Equipment

GPS Tracking Device

A GPS vehicle tracking systems can be under any vehicle which will allow you to view the location on the Internet via a tracking panel hours a day. The tracking systems are accurate to within three metres and provide you with clear and easy to read maps showing street names of the exact location. Not only will the GPS tracking device give you the location of a vehicle 24 hours a day it will also tell you the speeds the vehicle travels at in miles per hour, the location the vehicle stops and for how long it stays there. This is invaluable information if the GPS tracking device is on a company fleet car or van and you are an employer wishing to find out if the vehicle is being driven appropriately by your staff. This information is also invaluable for infidelity investigations where a spouse claims to be going somewhere but goes somewhere completely different. When detectives are carrying out surveillance on a particularly fast driver or a target that is surveillance aware then a GPS tracker fitted to the vehicle will ensure the target is not lost. If the target does go missing then a quick look on the lap top will find them.

Three Items Of The Most Effective Surveillance Equipment

Listening Device

Listening equipment will record and allow you to listen to what is said in a myriad of locations such as any room in a house, a vehicle, an office or just about anywhere else you can think of. If you chose an infinity device it will give you the ability to listen in from anywhere in the world by dialling into the device via the GSM network so distance is no problem for this equipment and you can listen from anywhere in the UK or anywhere else in the world. Recording devices can be used to record either face to face with a person you are interested in recording the conversation you have with them or left to record in your absence to find out what is being said when you are not there. These devices come in many guises such as briefcases, key rings and MP3 players. Microphones range from miniature microphones that you can easily hide to microphones that can hear through a wall.

Hidden and Miniature Cameras

Hidden or Miniature cameras can supply you with undeniable evidence. Cameras can be fitted and hidden just about anywhere, at home, in the workplace, in your garden or in a car, van or truck. These cameras can be watched live, including those fitted into vehicles as they are moving. Some are fitted with microphones which allow you to hear what is being said at the same time. Disguises can in many shapes and forms including plants, air fresheners, 2 way extension blocks and many more. Anywhere can be watched using a miniature hidden camera including outside in bird boxes, hanging baskets and garden ornaments. The outside cameras tend to have night vision and a wide angle lens to get a good footage of anything untoward happening in your garden.

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