The Truth About Printer Ink

If you are using a Brother Printer and you suddenly run out of ink, your most natural reaction is to purchase a new OEM Brother printer ink cartridge. You may decide to go to a local store or shop on line. However, before you hit the “Checkout” button, there are a few things you should know.

The Truth About Printer Ink


The Truth about Brother Printer Ink Cartridge:

While many printer manufactures recommend using their OEM cartridges, they can take a real toll on your budget. OEM cartridges are not cheap and if you’re a heavy printer, you could be spending more on ink over a year than you would on a new printer.  Because of these high costs, companies have begun releasing compatible and re-manufactured ink cartridges.

However, many people have negative views of re-manufactured and compatible ink cartridges. They are afraid that they might be faulty cartridges, have less ink than OEM Brother printer ink cartridges or they might cause damage to the printer. The fact of the matter is that all of these ideas about compatible and re-manufactured ink cartridges are false.

The Truth about Remanufactured and Compatible Ink Cartridges:

When it comes to re-manufactured and compatible ink cartridges, you’re often getting a better deal on the ink and you’re getting more bang for your buck. These ink cartridges have the same amount of ink that you’re accustom to with OEM cartridges and they use the same cartridge casings that you find on OEM Brother printer ink cartridges. These cartridges will also not cause any damage to your printer if you buy from a reputable manufacture. Finally, you could save hundreds of dollars over the life of your printer with re-manufactured and compatible ink cartridges. These Brother printe rink cartridges often cost 50-70% less than buying an OEM cartridge however you get the same great quality and sheets per cartridge that you expect from the OEM cartridges.

On the environmental aspect, reusing old cartridge means less plastic products on landfills. Ink cartridges are non-biodegradable. If they are not recycled, they will end up in dumpsites and will contribute more to the increasing pollution.

Remanufacturing Ink Cartridges:

In the remanufacturing process, the old and empty ink cartridges will be collected and sent to an industry plant for disassembly and inspection. They will be cleaned thoroughly, and the defective parts will be replaced. Then they will be refilled with high quality professional ink. The internal pressure will be thoroughly checked as well to guarantee that it is precisely correct. Multiple tests are going to be done to ensure that there will be no possible leakage. Once the cartridge has gone through all the snags of quality control and standards, then it is a certified remanufactured ink cartridge also known by some as recycled ink cartridge.

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