The Top Apps For Any Business Manager

There are many apps out on the market today to help business managers reach their full potential and stay organized. In fact, many people need these apps to get anything done! Here are a few of the best business apps for managers:

The Top Apps For Any Business Manager

Both web-based and an app, Dropbox may be the most utilized file-storing product on the market. With Dropbox, a user can store files from their computer and then access them from anywhere in the world with their app. These files can be anything from PDF’s to images. When on the computer, just simply drag the desired files over to the Dropbox folder and then you will have instant access from any device! It is truly an effortless cloud-based system. They offer 2GB of storage free. If you need more, then you can pay for monthly plans called “Dropbox Pro” for the following prices:

• $9.99 per month for 100GB
• $19.99 per month for 200GB
• $49.99 per month for 500GB
• Dropbox Teams ($795 per year) provides 1 terabyte of storage for five people.


Things is an effortless task manager that helps with entering to-dos as well as getting organized. This would help when working on a large project that requires many small tasks. Things is Cloud based, just like Dropbox, so you will have all of your important information on all your devices. Things is $9.99 on iOS devices. The app features:

• An inviting and easy to navigate user interface
• Quick entry: just a simple tap and the idea is out of your head and in the app
• Things wouldn’t let you forget anything, so it has a daily review to make sure you accomplished everything you needed to
• Tags: they help assign priorities and contexts
• Focus: lets you see Today, Next, and Later on iOS devices.


Evernote lets you jot down ideas, save pictures, save audio and more. Of course, you guessed it; Evernote uses the Cloud as well. This lets you access Evernote from anywhere, whether from or a mobile device. With the Evernote app, you are able to search all of the documents and it will look through tags, keywords, and even handwritten text! It is simply amazing. It is possible to have multiple notebooks to keep organized throughout projects. The user interface is so easy to use, too. Evernote is completely free, and it is worth every penny.

Now, there are two apps that are both made by Apple and are simply both stunning and useful: Pages and Numbers.


Pages is a gorgeous word processor app. It comes with 16 templates and styles to create stunning documents. This is helpful if you need to create a flyer, report, or poster and you don’t have much time or even the artistic ability.


With Numbers, you can easily create spreadsheets with tables and charts. There are also great templates to choose from. Formulas are easy to create as well. This app makes any data sheet look impressive and beautiful as well as easily legible.

With these apps in your pocket, it would be tough not to stay focused and organized. These are great tools to help keep on track while being a business manager.

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