The Latest: Investigators use Uber crash SUV in recreation

The Latest on a fatal crash involving an autonomous Uber vehicle (all times local):

9 a.m.

Federal and local officials investigating a fatal self-driving Uber crash in a Phoenix suburb have recreated the wreck by using the same Uber vehicle but with a person in control. (KTVK/KPTO-TV) reports that Tempe police, the National Transportation Safety Board and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conducted the visibility and braking test Thursday night.

Along with the Uber SUV, the bike of 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg also was used in the test.

Herzberg was walking her bicycle across a street Sunday night when she was struck by the Volvo SUV that had a backup driver on board.

Police say the vehicle wasn’t in self-driving mode during the testing and that a person was applying the brakes to stop the vehicle during the five test runs.


12:10 a.m.

Video of a fatal self-driving Uber crash that some experts say exposes flaws in autonomous vehicle technology is prompting calls to slow down testing on public roads.

It’s also renewing concerns about regulatory readiness.

Some road safety activists are calling on Congress to pause consideration of a federal proposal aimed at creating a regulatory regime for autonomous vehicles.

Groups aligned with the auto industry say that the proposal would enhance safety with a uniform, nationwide approach.

The 22-second video released by the Tempe, Arizona, Police Department shows a pedestrian walking from a darkened area onto a street just before an Uber SUV in self-driving mode strikes her.


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