The Effects Of iPhone Water Damage

The iPhone is one of the most popular cell phones on the market because of its ability to streamline the integration of social media networks with contacts and provide a user friendly experience for communications. They were designed by Steve Jobs and his world class team of hardware and software designers to create an easy to use interface so people that have them can communicate efficiently without being bogged down by software and hardware issues.

There is one thing that iPhone owners need to be careful of with the iPhone or any other cell phone on the market and that is water damage. Water can have a disastrous effect on your phone and can even render completely useless if it is bad enough.

The Effects Of iPhone Water Damage

Here are some of the effects that getting wet can have on an iPhone.
Malfunctioning Circuits

Extreme water damage can cause the circuitry in your iPhone to stop working completely. This means that they won’t connect and will be completely useless. Sometimes the damage can be reduced by drying out the phone by placing it in a bag of rice.
Destroy the SIM Card

Water can also damage the sim card in the phone extensively. The sim card stores all of the information and files on the phone that the user has saved. All information such as contacts, music, picture, and video that user has saved could be lost if the sim card sustains any damage from water.

If water gets into the screen of the iPhone it can render it useless as well. If the touchscreen does not work it will make the phone inoperable for the user. They won’t be able to input information that they need to use the phone correctly.

If your iPhone has sustained any damage from water at all there are some things that you should do and some things that you should avoid doing. The first thing users should know is that the phone should not be turned on if it has been dropped in water or has gotten wet in any way. This will cause electricity to go through the water and make the phone short circuit and cause more extensive damage than has already been caused. Then, place the phone in a bag of rice to help remove the moisture to prevent it from short circuiting the next time that the phone is turned on.

It is important to understand that the iPhone is not covered in the event of water damage under the apple care plan. You can purchase extra insurance that may cover damage in the event that your phone does get wet and you cannot repair it yourself. iPhone water damage can be disastrous to your phone and should be avoided at all costs.

Kenneth Erlich is a former tech repair specialist who began covering tech stories of interest. He has provided tips on dealing with issues ranging from complete computer melt down to do-it-yourself iPhone repair.

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