The Case To Shift From An Analog To A Digital Two-Way Radio System

Are you still using analog two way radios for your critical communication needs? If yes, then it’s time to “over and out” the old and bring in a new age digital radio system that will help your business become more productive and customer-friendly.

The Case To Shift From An Analog To A Digital Two-Way Radio System

Digital two way radio systems cover an increased area and offer superior audio quality as compared to analog systems. This was just the teaser – digital radio systems offer many more benefits, and these are:

Individual Calling

You can use this feature to have a one-on-one chat with others – You don’t have to worry about other folks prying on your conversation

Chatting With A Group

Users can deploy the group calling feature to chat with a group of users. You have to save the group first and then name it. Once this is one, you can chat with the group at the touch of a button.

Lone Worker

This feature helps lone workers working in risky environments. Such workers have to press the PTT (Push To Talk) button and communicate their status to the command hub. If they fail to do so at the specified intervals, then an alarm goes off and the people at the hub assume something has gone wrong, and take appropriate measures. This feature can help save lives.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

Digital radio systems are equipped with GPS. This helps locate every radio user and makes for an invaluable security system for companies operating in high risk situations (oil exploration, fire department, etc.)

Man Down

This is another life-saver feature that warns the command hub that there is a man down. The best thing is that no buttons are required to be pushed to initiate the warning. This feature gets automatically triggered when the radio hangs at specific angles for a long period of time. When this feature gets triggered, the radio switches on, thereby allowing the user to call for help without touching any buttons. This is another great feature that helps save lives of people working in dangerous situations.

These are some of the solid features that put digital two way radios way above their analog counterparts. If you decide to switch over to a digital system then you should apply for a frequency from the concerned authority. You should also use new age Motorola batteries in your system because these last longer and are more powerful.

Finally, remember to take good care of your new digital system just like it takes care of your employees and customers.

Author: Tech Poster

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