The Bionic Ear Listening Device

What Is It?

The Bionic Ear Listening Device is a sound amplifier that will detect and magnify faint or distant sounds and with a clarity that you would be surprised of. It can increase sound by up to 40 decibels when used with an omni-directional microphone, an amplifier and high fidelity earphones. It is not only private detectives that can benefit from this device as nature lovers can pinpoint animal sounds and move in close to where they are so they can take photos and record their sounds. Search and Rescue teams use the bionic ear to aid in locating missing people as it would hear movement and human voices from great distances. Luckily loud sounds are not magnified as a safety circuit is activated and the device shuts down for a moment if the sound reaches 95 decibels.

The Bionic Ear Listening Device

What Can It Be Used For?

The device was intended to be used for bird watching, search and rescue, law enforcement, personal safety, survival, camping, hunting and much more. It can also be used by a private detective while he is on surveillance to find out where the target is and what he is saying. The target may have a telephone conversation with someone that could be very informative to the job. It could be used in a building to find out what is going on in a locked room or a room where the target keeps going into. If you could hear exactly what the target is saying and record it throughout the investigation it would make it a lot easier.

How The Device Was Used In The Field

A woman was not happy about how her ex in-laws looked after her children. She had always granted them permission to see the children but the children never wanted to go there, which was very unlike them, as they went everywhere! She asked the children what they were unhappy about and they told her that Granny was mean to them. The last time the children had gone the ex-mother-in –law called her to come and collect them as they were being really naughty. She collected them and they told her Granny had smacked them.

The annual visit was due again and the woman was thinking on how to get out of sending them but nothing came to mind. The woman was visiting a friend when the conversation went onto a friend of theirs who had been having problems with her in-laws and in the end she hired a private detective to sort it out. This inspired her to call the same detective who told her he could definitely help her.

They were chatting for a while and the woman felt very comfortable with the man. They decided that the best way to find out if the kids were worried for nothing or not is if they went again for a visit but this time the detective would go and hang around outside the home with his bionic ear. He was there for quite a long time but he managed to gain the evidence the woman wanted. The mother-in –law was indeed horrible to the children, in fact, she was vicious and mean. The detective called the woman so she could collect the children before he went in himself to get them.

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