The Best Way To Start Blogging

Ask The Experts: The Best Way to Start Blogging

Q&A session with Sally Tomkotowicz, Marketing Manager for Namesco:

A blog can be one of the most powerful marketing tools at your company’s disposal and can help your business reach out to new customers.

Q. I want to start a blog and have heard good things about WordPress? Do you have any advice?

A. Blogs can be a powerful marketing tool, helping you talk directly to your customers and build your brand.

Blogging is very popular with many different types of people, including hobbyists, sole traders and small businesses.  There are various different blogging platforms to choose from but the one you mention, WordPress, is by far the most popular.

The Best Way To Start Blogging

Here are a few top tips for blog length, content and SEO:

  1. Create useful content – writing for the sake of writing is unlikely to retain your audience; think about whether you are trying to entertain, inform or educate.
  2. Link up your social media – link your Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn to your blog and vice versa to drive traffic.
  3. Encourage interaction – a good way to do this is through ‘comments’, although it is always best to adjust your settings so that you moderate them first.
  4. Google Analytics™ – make use of Google Analytics™ in order to monitor visitors to your website, their activities and the time spent whilst on there.
  5. Use catchy content – studies show that people remember just 60% of what they have read online so keep it interesting!
  6. Keep up to date – keep news and any information on your blog up to date especially if this includes information on stock levels, for example.
  7. Use tags – Include keywords in your posts as this will aid your SEO by helping your content to be featured in search engine results.
  8. Keep a backup! – written content can be easily backed up in the export menu.

Wise Words is a good example of a successful blog that attracts and encourages readers to engage with their business and even buy their new book “The Chef and I”. It is updated every couple of days, combining strong and varied content with great social integration. It is written in a friendly manner, has its own Twitter and Facebook feed and gives users the opportunity to leave comments after reading.

With all Namesco hosting packages you get free, easy to use 1-click apps, including WordPress, making it quick and easy to start blogging!

Sally Tomkotowicz is Customer Acquisition Marketing Manager at

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