The Best Five Recording Listening Devices

Depending on weather you want to find out what the kids are up to with their mates or if they are watching something on TV you have told them not to or if your partner is talking on the phone to someone in an inappropriate way now you can get the proof you need. The listening devices in this list can record the information so you can listen when it is convenient for you to do so.

Number 1: Smoke Alarm Voice Recorder

A voice activated smoke alarm voice recorder is extremely covert and looks just like a smoke alarm. It has easy to use controls with concealed access to control the recording settings. This device has no different markings then an everyday smoke alarm. The unit uses 3 x AA batteries which will keep the device powered for around 10 days on standby. The recording is on an SD card (up to 32 GB) which will give 12 hours of recording.

Number 2: Double Socket Recorder

This is the ultimate in long term hidden recording device as it is a fully functioning mains powered double wall socket that contains a voice activated digital recording system. The unit can be used as a fully functioning wall socket where 2 plugs can be used functioning as normal and mains powered hidden recording device can be used at the same time. None of the recording device is visible even under close examination. The reordering is stored onto an SD card which can be up to a 32 GB micro SD card giving it up to 24 days of recording time. If you use the voice activation feature it can extend this time even further. As this device is powered from the mains the only limit is the size of the SD card you use. To play back the recordings simply put into your computer and follow the instructions.

Number 3: Covert Pen Recorder

Have you been in a situation where you wished you had a voice recorder with you? When you know that someone is going to say something you need to record or do you want to record a conversation with someone but you don’t want them to know? Well know you can A pen voice recorder is a fully functional ball point pen and a covert voice recorder all in one. It writes and uses real ink plus it looks like a really expensive pen with its slim line design. It can record for 7 hours using a super sensitive microphone and it is easy to use with single switch activation.

Number 4: Covert Recording Watch

This covert recording watch is a great device for recording secret conversations, meetings, interviews and any other situations when a secret recording is needed. It will record from up to 35 feet in distance. The watch is a fully operational good looking watch as well as a recorder. This watch has I GB of storage memory so you can record a lot of conversations Additional features include;

  • Lights can be turned off and turned on as you wish during the recording.
  • The recording can be paused and resumed as you wish during the recording and will not turn off automatically even when you pause the recording for long time.
  • Highly sensitive Mini Microphone with the Mic hole on the top of the watch case which is clear within 35 feet in distance.

 The Best Five Recording Listening Devices

Number 5: Voice Activated Key Ring Voice Recorder

This is a miniature keying digital voice recorder and combined memory stick and is perfect for keeping on your keys to conveniently leave lying around to secretly record you could even leave them behind when you leave the room or meeting and collect them later allowing you to hear the conversation in your absence. What makes this so special is the storage capability which is 4GB of information. This tiny device will capture crystal clear audio over an incredible 5 meter radius. The voice activation will save battery time as it will only turn on the recorder when it hears noise and it can hold up to 7 continuous hours To listen to your recording or to recharge the device simply put the device into your PC and it will automatically open the Windows Media Player/Real Player.

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