Table Lamp Hidden Camera And Recorder

Hidden Camera and Recorder

This device is a modern and stylish, fully functioning table lamp that has a hidden HD camera with a pinhole lens and recorder which is powered from the mains supply. With no batteries to worry about this device will record any activities captured onto a 32 GB SD memory card. The recorder can record for up to 64 hours continuously; longer periods can be achieved by making use of the motion detection mode option. This hidden table lamp hidden camera and recorder can be used in any recording situation within the home or office. It has high quality video footage that is real-time date and time stamped and can easily be viewed on a laptop, PC or TV. This table lamp with hidden camera and recorder is ideal to keep in a board room, reception area or general office to keep an eye on what is happening in the office while you are not there. It will monitor time keeping and could give a good idea why productivity is declining. Alternatively if you are thinking of using the device at home it can be a good addition to your living room, bedroom, kitchen or hallway. This device will film any activity that sets of the motion detector, which could be an intruder looking to steal your belongings or damage your home.

Table Lamp Hidden Camera And Recorder

Real Life Cases Where The Table Lamp Hidden Camera And Recorder Has Been Used Successfully

A man was concerned about his wife while he was away each week on business. He thought that she was becoming distant and had changed toward him. He wasn’t sure if this was because he was away all week and it made her unhappy or she was up to something while he was away. He decided to install a couple of table lamp hidden camera and recorders to record his wife while he was away. He put one in the kitchen and the other in the hallway. He was very upset to discover that she had invited another man to the home and had cooked him dinner and then he spent the night with her in their bed. He confronted her when he had watched the footage and she admitted it saying that she was really lonely without him during the week. They are trying to sort it out.

A company owner needed to find out if someone was going into his office and moving his things around and drinking his expensive whiskey when he was out. He asked all his staff members if they had gone into his office and they all denied it. He decided to install a table lamp with a hidden camera and recorder into his office to catch out the culprit. The device has a motion sensor to start the recording and he felt sure that this would obtain the required information for him. The first day he set it up he went out at the same time as usual, when he knew it was happening. When he returned he checked the footage and was surprised to see that it was his secretary. She moved some of the small furniture around and had a good swig of his whiskey. It turned out that she had a mental illness, which she was on medication for but she wasn’t taking it properly. The man decided to help her get back on track as she was a really good secretary.

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