T1 Price – Looking For Integrated T1 Lines

There are different types of T1 lines such as voice T1, bonded T1 and integrated T1. The choice depends entirely on the kind of data that you handle on an everyday basis. One of the more popular choices when it comes to T1 Internet connectivity is something known as integrated T1 which is also called as channelized T1 sometimes. Getting a T1 price for integrated T1 lines is pretty easy because all you have to do is log onto the website of different service providers and ask them to send you a real-time price quote for an integrated T1 line.

T1 Price – Looking For Integrated T1 Lines

 What is an integrated T1 line?

A T1 line is one of the ways in which you can transmit data and it is characterized by the fact that it is divided into 24 channels each of which can deliver an upper limit of data speed of 64 kilobits per second. Such is the flexibility of a T1 line that each line can then be used to run a particular application and it will function independently of the other channels. An integrated T1 line is nothing but a T1 line capable of carrying data services and voice services on one T1 line. Some of its benefits are:

  • A high level of flexibility in configuring phone lines that will carry voice and other lines that will carry data services
  • A business can run diverse types of services on an integrated T1 line
  • Telephony services such as long-distance, local calling and even VoIP or voice over Internet protocol are all possible over an integrated T1 line.

Looking for a price quote

When you get a T1 price quote from various service providers, the one thing that you might note is the great variation in costs. Some of the factors that cause such variations are the :

  • Number of service providers in your location
  • Features inherent in the integrated T1 pricing such as free calls
  • Distance of your business location from the telecom provider and
  • Discounts and rebates that service providers may offer from time to time

But, once you got a T1 price quote from service providers, you could get down to the task of comparing each one to find out what are the value additions and other features that each of the service provider offers.


Cost savings is one of the biggest features of an integrated T1 line. Because you are able to combine voice and data services on an integrated T1 line, you can mix-and-match and when a line is not being used for voice services it can be “rerouted” for a data connection. This enhances the speed of data connection that you can enjoy and over a period of time it will result in a huge savings as far as your T1 price is concerned. Such flexibility also means that you can enjoy smarter use of bandwidth as far as Internet connectivity is concerned.

Leveling the playing field

One of the biggest benefits that an integrated T1 line can provide is the fact that because it can give an organization a massive 1.5 Mb of data transmission power, it is a rather attractive business proposition even for a small and medium business owner. T1 therefore can be a game changer in the way a small-business owner takes on the big guns.

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