Spy Watch

Secret Recording

This is the ideal listening device that will record conversations. You can wear it and record people when you are out and about or you could take it off and leave it lying around where no one would suspect that you are recording their telephone call or their conversations. This device is a fully functioning watch and 1GB memory storage. It is a good looking watch and comes in different colours. Lights can be turned off and on as you wish during the recording and the recording can be paused and resumed during the recording. This will still create the same recording file even after you pause the recording and then resume. High sensitive Mini Microphone with hole on the top of the watch case, the Mic pick up sounds crystal clear within 35 feet.

Spy Watch

Where Can This Device Be Used?

This device can be used either on your wrist or left lying around, as it can pick up sound within 35 feet of the device. It would be good to use to record people in meetings such as, wage increases, parents evening, applications or if you are receiving instructions or directions from someone. Because the watch is so stylish it can be used in any situation by a male or a female. It would also be good to play jokes on your friends.
Real Life Case Where The Device Has Been Used

The happy owner of a new watch was feeling really good about his purchase. Not only was it a really stylish and elegant watch it was also an audio voice recorder. The built in device could pick up sounds from within 35 feet and with a rechargeable battery that can last up to 7 hours he was hoping to catch his wife in the act of committing adultery in their own home, even in the marital bed! This affair had been going on for some time and he had tried many things to stop it. He talked to her about it, offered her the world if she would stop but his wife denied it. He had tried to follow her and spy on her but she caught onto it. He even tried to blackmail his wife’s lover.

His new idea was to try out the watch on himself to see what ways he could use it on his wife or her lover. He thought about leaving it out in the bedroom to see if it would record enough for him to have the correct evidence. After he had experimented with the device he decided to first go down the route of leaving it by the bed for a few days and if he had no luck he was going to buy one for his wife because even if she didn’t wear it he could still use it from where it was left lying around. The man decided to go away for a few days and gave his wife ample notice of the fact. He set the watch up by the bed and went off.  When he returned home and listened to the footage he knew he had enough to make her admit it.

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