Sizzlers And Fizzlers In Tech World

Recent inventions of this high tech era are sometimes weird and sometimes magnificent. Some technologies struggle to survive and some are born to make records. In this case, Darwin’s ‘Survival of fittest’ theory works. The trend which satisfies the needs of customers is actually poised for break out. In the automated era of 2013 let’s make a short tour of different tech trends, to know what is really in and what is out?

Robot Restaurant in China

Robot Restaurant at Harbin, China is a perfect specimen to a new mechanized world. Food is served by Robots in this restaurant. So, I have no words for those who all are planning a carrier in food and hospitability industry.

Ultra HD Screens

Ultra High Definition Screens, thinner than a deck of cards and wider than sedans have made their way to the market. They will be used for displays that have an aspect ratio of at least 16:9 and presenting native video at a minimum resolution of 3,840 × 2,160 pixels. This new step in visual media would be quite expensive, but it would be depending upon customer perception.

Internet-connected thermostats

Internet-connected thermostats are going to be a part of your life in the coming years. This gadget would be able to manage the utility bills. According to the latest prediction from The International Telecommunication By the end of this year, this technology could be a replacement for man power; this is one of the predictions of The International Telecommunications Union. Since, we are depending so much on technology now-a-days; therefore, it could be a great going.

Launching Private Spy Network

This is a very ambitious turn in the world of technology. Launching a private spy network has become very easy and now one can buy a small remote-controlled copter with a video camera in just $300. This has made observation really easy and now it can keep a track on the activities, which were really in the dreams.


Phablets are the Goldilocks devices which were primarily designed to combine the functionality of a tablet with a smart phone. The screen size of these informal smart phones is between 5 and 7 inches. This tech piece has attracted customers, which want big screen instruments that can fit in their pockets and reading text is not interrupted by squinting. The craze of Phablets is growing higher and since dual SIM support seems to be in, we can expect a wonderful year ahead.

Watch Phone with Sim-card and Bluetooth

Phone on the wrist! How does it sound? Amazing, isn’t it? To explore the idea further one can just check the new Watch Phone with SIM card and Bluetooth which is available now in the markets. For those, who would like a sophisticated option for watch/phone, could find this handy!


Ultarbook is the new hot cake in Silicon industry, which has replaced thin, light-weight, design-focused or featured laptops. These windows laptop are available at decent prices for the customers, who are looking it for personal usage. So if you are planning to get one, it would take a while to see how the class expands.

Sizzlers And Fizzlers In Tech World

Google Glasses or ‘The Body Computer’

Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google, bought the technology into light during New York fashion week. Intention behind the invention was to facilitate the wearer in understanding augmented reality. It is actually a fairly full-blown computer that will unlock the clearer world. This invention has really changed the face of the enterprise

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