Save Your Business Money By Choosing The Right Phone Line And Calls Package

In what seems like a perpetually chaotic economic environment, businesses need to manage budgets and expenses with greater levels of scrutiny and pragmatism than they might in less austere times.

It is not always easy to trim the fat without making sacrifices, but when it comes to telecoms it can be quite simple to reduce costs and still enjoy adequate levels of service.

To achieve maximum efficiency it is important to choose the right phone line and calls package for your business. But what constitutes the ‘right’ bundle and are there any obstacles to avoid? Here is a brief guide to help you come to a conclusion on this important matter.

Save Your Business Money By Choosing The Right Phone Line And Calls Package

Line Choice

The type of landline connection you pick for your business will of course play a major role in determining the kind of service you can receive. It will also dictate the number of extensions and users that can be supported, because every solution has a maximum bandwidth capacity that imposes limits on the number of calls that can be handled simultaneously.

While you could stick with a bog standard analogue line, which individually will support a single voice channel, it might make financial sense to choose an alternative. You could opt for a digital ISDN line, which would allow you to access both voice and video conferencing, giving you greater flexibility in how you approach customers and clients.

If your business is having to rent multiple analogue landlines to support the number of calls that need to be made by employees, it might also be sensible to think about consolidating these into a smaller number by harnessing VoIP. Operating over a broadband connection, VoIP is advantageous because it allows multiple users to make calls over the same line and will help reduce the amount you are spending on line rental each month.

In addition, VoIP is less restrictive than traditional landlines in that it is not limited by the physical number of connections to your business. This means adding more extensions and catering to a growing workforce will not dramatically increase the expense of the service.

There are other cost efficiencies offered by VoIP that need to be considered at some point. Basically, you need to find a line solution that is appropriate for your business and which offers the scalability to help you expand and take on extra capacity as and when required.

Calling Packages

Businesses should make sure that they are investing in a phone package which is defined by the need of the average enterprise. As such, you should avoid bundles targeted at domestic users, even if you are in charge of a relatively small organisation.

The cost of making calls can be mitigated in a number of ways, such as by choosing a bundle that features inclusive minutes. However, one of the best ways to lower telecoms costs is to use VoIP and make all your calls over a network connection.

Calls between two VoIP users are generally free of charge, which means it will be easy to communicate with colleagues who are not based in the same location without running up a major bill.

Meanwhile, VoIP gives businesses the opportunity to chat with customers and other callers who may be using a standard telephone service without the same steep call charges being incurred.

The best tactic to help save money when choosing a business phone bundle is to simply be patient and make your choice carefully and appropriately, because with modern services it is possible to save money without having to compromise too much on features.

The author, Jamie Garner, works for Daisy Group, an independent provider of business phone lines and calls packages.

Author: Tech Poster

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