Review Of The Blackberry Z10

To respond to its critics, Blackberry recently released the Z10, their forefront smartphone that employs the latest Blackberry 10 operating system. It shouldn’t come as a shock that the Z10′s charms are not going to have a difficult time winning over brand patrons. Thanks to the smooth and successful aforementioned model launches including the Blackberry Bold 9900 and Blackberry Torch, the Z10 easily earns recognition within its intended market group. Of course, some consumers and experts would beg to differ regarding the excellence of these previous models because of the outdated 7.0 operating system they carry, which have become outgunned by the consistently updated Android OS. Released adjacent with the company’s Q10 handset, the Z10 aims to change these negative criticisms with its new Blackberry 10 OS combined with a fantastic collection of hardware components and features.

Review Of The Blackberry Z10

Design and Build

The Blackberry Z10′s chassis is made from high-end plastic and magnesium alloy with a rubberized rear end that comfortably suits the user’s palms. The constructional and technical design of the Z10 is comparable with that of its sibling, Blackberry Playbook, and sports an all-glass panel housed in a metal frame. On the right corner, you’ll find a volume and mute key encased in sand-blasted metal. Atop it is the Power button and a 3.5mm headphone/mic jack. And on the left corner is a micro USB port and HDMI port that’s neatly arranged.


In respects to the Z10′s display, a 4.2-inch screen offering a resolution rate of 1280 x 768 pixels really looks and feels good, but not quite as good as other upscale smartphones that are loaded with more pixels. Color reproduction is also a bit off, but is compensated with the RIM’s vibrant user interface. Kudos to Blackberry for attempting to solve the age-old problem of blemishes with its anti-fingerprint and grease screen coat. Holding the phone for the first time, you’ll immediately notice a different feel on the screen as opposed to the iPhone 5, Nexus 4, and other smartphones roaming in the market category. Text and images look vivid and clear on a high-definition screen, making web browsing an extra special experience.

Battery Life

The Z10 features a removable rechargeable battery pack that will be greatly appreciated by consumers as this means you can carry extra battery slices and swap them whenever the current pack is drained and a recharging station is out of reach. With light to moderate use, the Z10 can work smoothly through an entire day. According to Blackberry, the Z10 is designed to power up to 11 hours of talk time and 408 hours in standby mode.


The smartphone features the latest internet browser, specially designed for the Blackberry 10 operating system. And Blackberry deems it to be impressively fast. Blackberry holds true to its speed promise by offering the Z10 with a WiFi b/g/n plus 4g connectivity for exceptionally fast mobile data on the go. During tests, websites load a mere 5 seconds, which is quite fast relative to competitor phones.


The Blackberry Z10 smartphone is great for intensive web browsing and messaging. Its expandable storage system also offers limitless capabilities for downloading media or saving documents. Compared with close competitors like Samsung and Apple smartphones, the Z10 stands a good chance with its decent camera, solid feature set, and enticing price tag.

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