Radio Alarm Clock Spy Camera And Recorder

Spy Camera Run From The Mains Electricity Supply

This is a fantastic domestic covert spy camera and recorder. It is a fully functional radio alarm clock that has a high resolution camera and microphone for recording video and audio. This will record anything that is going on in your bedroom so you can check out what your cleaner is up to or what your partner is doing in the bedroom. It uses a SD memory card (32G max) which can record continuous footage as it can be programmed to stop recording on full or it can record over the oldest footage. So that it doesn’t need to record all the time a motion detector will only record when there is movement. The footage will be time & date stamped and you can view either directly on your TV or by using an SD card reader on your PC. The setup is easy to use. This system is run from the mains so it can run 24/7 and be completely covert. This system also has a remote control so you can change the settings without anyone knowing what you are doing.

Radio Alarm Clock Spy Camera And Recorder

Real Life Case Involving Radio Alarm Clock Spy Camera And Recorder

A woman wanted to find out which of her five daughters was using her makeup and wearing her clothes and shoes while she was away on business. The girl’s ages ranged from early twenties to late teens and they were all around the same dress and shoe size as her. The mother didn’t mind the borrowing it was the damaging and putting back damaged that was getting to her. No one would own up and no one would shop in the others. A radio alarm clock spy camera was the best solution for her. The device ran off the mains so no batteries were needed or needed to be changed. The equipment looked just like a radio clock alarm so the girls would not be suspicious. When the woman returned home from her business trip she watched the footage on her bedroom TV and found out straight away who the culprit was. It was all of them so the woman has decided to keep the device to find out which of the girls was returning damaged items back into her wardrobe.

A husband was acting suspiciously. He told his wife he went to work each day, he would even give her little snippets about the day over dinner. However, the money in the bank never seemed to balance with the amount of work he had carried out. The wife was always up and out before her husband and returned home after the husband. After asking some of her close neighbours if they ever see her husband leaving for work they all said the same thing, he works for himself so he comes and goes at different times so it’s hard to tell if he is staying at home or not. A radio alarm clock spy camera and recorder was put in the bedroom to replace his old alarm clock. The husband never suspected a thing, the device recorded his activity, or non-activity for 2 weeks before the wife confronted the husband with the truth of his skiving.

Private detective Cardiffhas worked with Private Detective, Charlie Hodgson for many years within the industry and has carried out a vast number of investigations and surveillance together. During this time Charlie has tried and tested spy equipment and devices including the radio alarm clock spy camera and recorder which has been a fantastic spy tool. For more articles and blogs like this please visit

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