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In today’s workplace, there are several types of technology that are lingering that are rapidly on the way out. If you have the funding available, you may want to begin replacing some of your current technology that you don’t get left behind. As your organization budgets money toward new supplies, there are a few things that you will want to consider. In business, it’s adapt or die, and the small cost of paying for some current forms of technological tools is an insignificant price to pay for the dividends it could yield.

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You don’t necessarily need to buy the newest and best of everything in order to compete – you just need to make sure that the types of tools you are employing in your office are still relevant.


Desktop computers are seen less and less, both in the workplace and in homes. The reason for this is that laptops are more affordable than ever before. With society’s ever increasing shift toward reliance on technology, people like to have their computer with them as they are on the go. Laptops are wonderful for the workplace because it allows your employees the freedom to wander from their desk while remaining connected to the activities of your workplace.

Laptops also reduce clutter and waste in terms of documents being printed out unnecessarily. Rather than print out paperwork for a meeting, you can simply bring your laptop along with you.


If something in your workplace can be digitized – it should! Plain and simple, this is something that needs to be acted on. The longer you wait to tear open your filing cabinets and enter your records into databases, the longer it will take when you eventually get around to doing it. Consider any major paperwork that your office deals with regularly. Is it something you need a hard copy of for legal or financial reasons? Are you able to secure e-signatures from your clients? If so, it’s time to switch over your documents to digital archives.


Wires aren’t a thing of the past, but they are a great inconvenience. They take up room, people can trip over them, and you’re constantly checking to make sure everything is plugged in where it needs to be. Laptops and personal computers can both be set up on a wireless network, allowing for you to reduce the wiring for your office substantially.


Fax machines are a thing of the past. They are bulky, come with another set of wires, and are redundant with other, modern technologies in place. With a scanner networked in to your computers, a fax is wholly unnecessary.

Phones are also shifting in terms of convenience and performance. Rather than tethering employees to their desk and paying for multiple phone lines, there are two solutions. PBX (private branch exchange) is available via the internet. You can use a VoIP phone with a cloud based PBX anywhere you have connection to the Internet. Or, just use a soft phone on your laptop, and you can take your phone line with you as you shift within your office building, or even when you are out and about. VoIP and cell phones are rapidly eliminating the need for telephone lines.

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