Needing Instant Cash To Replace Your Phone

I am a pretty clumsy gal. If there’s something to be dropped, I’ll drop it. If there’s something to be walked into, I’ll smash into it and I trip over more than anyone should. I don’t know whether this is just abject carelessness, a medical issue or sheer bad luck. Whatever it is, it’s annoying. One of the consequences of my daily Mr Bean style lifestyle is that I break things, a lot, I mean all of the time. This means that I am reluctant to ever buy myself anything nice because of the inevitably of me flushing things down the toilet, or smashing it inexplicably into a thousand pieces in my pocket. However, not being one to live my life based on my fears and definitely being one to base my life on peer pressure, I caved and bought a smartphone. I don’t want to name the phone for advertising purposes, so let’s call it a ‘j-phone’.

Needing Instant Cash To Replace Your Phone

Just as Anyone Could have predicted

Anyway, like most people who own one, the first week of owning it went like this; spent the first two days baffled trying to set the thing up; the next two days saying ‘well, it’s alright, but I don’t really need it’; then the rest of the week taking it everywhere, to the kettle, to the toilet, to let the dog out. It was my new best friend, teacher and lover…well maybe not that far, but sufficed to say it quickly became an extension of my arm.  Then, disaster struck. This one particularly was a blinder. I put my phone on the floor next to me, stood up too quickly and put the heel of my boot straight on to the screen. The smash was followed by a range of emotions, namely despair, remorse and disillusion.

Broken Phone and a Broken Bank Account

Naturally, I wanted to get it fixed as soon as possible, but having just forked out for a shiny new phone with pay day some weeks away, I wasn’t able to afford it at that time. However, being as impatient as I am clumsy there was no way I was going to wait. The cost of repair was fairly minimal, around £150, so I thought I would borrow the money. Most of my friends, used to repairing things for me, were fairly unsympathetic and told me I should wait a couple of weeks, so they wouldn’t lend me the money. I thought about where and how I could borrow a fairly small amount of money over a short space of time; then I remembered the pay day lenders.

Naturally, if I were to be looking for a large loan, say for a car or a home refurbishment, then short term lenders may not be suitable. For my purposes though, they are ideal. I asked to borrow the amount online and I set the repayment date for the end of the month to coincide with pay day. This meant that the repayments would not be incremental, I could pay off the full amount in one go without having to concern myself with the spectre of a damaging interest rate or a long, drawn out repayment plan. As soon as my application was successful, which was a decision made in minutes; the money was credited to my account the same day, which meant that the phone was back to its former glories the next, a great result. Needless to say, despite my clumsy nature I am now extremely careful with my phone. I have even bought phone insurance. It’s a good job they don’t know how clumsy I am otherwise my premiums would be through the roof!

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