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Every small business owner dreads tax season. Small business owners who do not have their expenditures and their financial statements in order dread tax season even more. If you arr trying to save yourself the expense of hiring your own professional business accountant, you know that taking on the burden of keeping your own books and generating financial reports can be a time consuming task. The task does not have to be as big of a burden if you learn how to use intelligent accounting apps to your advantage.

4 Intelligent Small Business Accounting Apps That Will Reduce the Time You Spend Being Your Own Accountant




Intacct is a web-based accounting system that will help you manage your small business finances every step of the way. The system can be customized pricing is personalized based on the features you use and how often you access your financial profile. With Intacct, you can eliminate all of your manual processes and integrate that data that is stored in a variety of different business systems that you use. This application will help you reduce data entry errors, eliminate duplicate data entry, and stay on top of finances based on what industry you operate in.


LessAccounting is a cloud web-based system and an application that is available for Apple devices. Bank importing features will help you cut down on the time you spend on your bookkeeping by as much as 80% and reduce errors in the process. In addition to importing credit card and banking information, you can also categorize your expenses, log your mileage, create custom reports, and track invoices that have not been paid. Spend less time accounting and more time generating customers with LessAccounting.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks online is web-based application that can be accessed by any PC or Mac and is also available as a download for smartphones and other web-ready devices. If you have already been using QuickBooks to track your expenses and your sales, you can be even more ready at tax time by staying organized whenever you are in the office or on the road. Accept payments from the app, track all of the sales, and even turn on payroll reporting with this online application.

Are you are looking for an innovative product? was awarded the most innovative app award in 2010 and continues to be a powerful tool to store and update accounting information from the web. All of the categories used to store your accounting information are IRS-recognizable to make tax time easier. This program is easy to use, safe, and a great place to keep all of your finances in one place.

If you are tired of your accounting duties taking up all of your time, use applications that will cut down the amount of time you spend entering data. If you keep the data updated, the tax filing date deadline does not have to be a scary reminder of when you need to have all of your receipts entered.

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