Mobile Phones Vs. Smart Phones

If you’re just being converted into the clan of techno-savvy individuals, then you’re probably wondering what the difference is between the simple mobile phones and the smartphones. Both gadgets are able to call and send SMS, so what makes a smartphone, for lack of better word, smart?

Mobile Phones Vs. Smart Phones

It’s everything all in one.

Gone are the days when you had to bring 10 different gadgets along with you just so that you could survive a trip. Your smartphone is not just a regular phone; it also serves as a camera, a music player, and even a game console. The keyboard of your smartphone is no longer just designed to type out texts or key in numbers, but for typing long documents as well. And on top of all those functions, those capabilities do not bog down your phone. A smartphone is designed to work a number of functions without compromising its efficiency or speed.

It’s your personal computer, just pint-sized.

Another thing which sets your smartphone apart from your regular mobile phone is the fact that it has an operating system – the same thing which your computer uses in order for it to be useable in terms of having software and other applications which you can open and run. Currently, there are two operating systems which smartphones are commonly installed with – Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile. With the help of these operating systems, you can now download applications on your smartphone the same way that you can pick and choose the software that are installed on your personal computer. And because you have the power and the capability to choose applications for your phone, you can customize your smartphone to suit your needs, wants and your lifestyle as a whole.

Choosing the smartphone for you.

Smartphones come in more than just one shape and color, the same way that every one of us are unique in our own special way. And the reason for why most individuals these days cannot imagine going through daily tasks without their smartphones is because of how easy it is to pick out a model which fits your lifestyle and needs so perfectly. If photography is your hobby, then you can easily find a smartphone which is like a professional camera merged with the body of a phone. Or if you are the regular corporate executive, a smartphone can be an organizer with communication capabilities. With smartphones loaded with different permutations of functions, it’s so difficult to go back to the regular mobile phone.

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