Mini Digital Clock Camera Recorder

The Perfect Mini Surveillance Tool

You can take this perfect go anywhere clock anywhere. It is only small but it with be with you when you need high quality and reliable covert surveillance. With its rechargeable battery you will get 260-320 minutes of footage. It can be taken to work and put on a desk or table, stick on the wall or even leave it on the top of your open bag to have a totally covert surveillance system set up in less than 30 seconds. An unwanted intruder will not know that you are recording their every move.

Mini Digital Clock Camera Recorder

The difference from other clocks is that this is a professional recording system that records still photos or video directly to Micro SD memory card. It has an impressive body-heat activated passive infrared motion sensor that is covertly concealed on the front of the device. The passive infrared sensor allows this device to go into standby mode to conserve battery life. Using the SD memory card you can play back your footage on a PC or laptop with a USB connection.

Where Can You Use This Device?

This device can be used anywhere. All you need is a good imagination and you will think of a myriad of instances and situations that this great device can be used in. Take it with you when you are doing something official or you need to remember what is being said to you, such as a visit to the solicitors or you are being given advice or information. You could use it when you are travelling to give you peace of mind in a hotel room, where you could point it at the door or window and if anyone comes in they will be recorded.

A Real Situation In Which The Mini Digital Clock Camera Recorder Has Been Used

A man was travelling alone in a foreign country where he needed to use cash in their currency but there were not many banks in which he could withdraw cash from his account so he carried around a very large sum of money with him. When he stopped at a hotel he would keep the money in their safe. However sometimes the safe looked very unsafe so he did not leave the money there or he would deposit a small amount to give the impression that was all the money he had. He would then need to hide the money around his hotel room and hope for the best. He would leave his trusty mini digital clock camera recorder in the room to record any thieves This was a good system that he had and worked, for the most part. One day when he returned to his room it had been trashed and his clothes were all over the place, his mattress was on the floor and the money he had hidden under it was missing. He quickly played back the footage on his laptop and it showed two men from the hotel taking his money. They only found 2 of his hiding places and he knew he would get the money back when he returned to England because he had the footage.

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