Locating A Missing Person Using Technology

A Private Detective can help by using skills and technology he can speed up the search and with information and experience gained from carrying out many investigations and searches can find your missing loved ones.

Locating A Missing Person Using Technology

Who is the Missing Person and how long have they been Missing

In a missing person investigation a Private Detective will ask a lot of questions to find out all the required information about the missing person to help locate them. These questions will include questions about what they look like, what they were wearing and what they had with them when they were last seen. They could ask about how much money they have and if they can get any more and even their bank account details so they can be monitored for withdrawals etc.

Questions about their occupation in case they wish to take on causal work if they don’t have much money. What are their likes and dislikes, do they have a car and is there anywhere where the relatives might think they have gone.

Social Networking Sites Could Help

Social Networking Sites such as Face book could be somewhere were someone leaves a message or even a clue to where they are or if they are fit and well. They may not use their own profile but they might log in as someone else they are close to. It is worth everyone checking their sites just in case this is the case.

Techniques to Help Find Missing Person

Technology can help to locate a missing person in many ways. The internet can hold clues to new addresses and Job sites could help by letting Police know if the person has applied for a job through them. It is easier to find someone once they have been missing for more than six weeks as they will have built up some kind of pattern in how they are living plus more people will have seen them. Notices can be posted on Social Network Sites asking for information if the person has been seen.

Door knocks with Body Camera in Last known Location

Surveillance can be carried out in the form of an operative doing door to door enquiries in the last known location of the missing person. They will wear a body camera so they can discreetly film the interviews for viewing at a later date by the detective team for any leads or for further information relating to the case.

Do All Missing People Wish to be found?

As you can imagine some missing people do not wish to be found. These can be people who have committed a crime or someone who owes a lot of money to someone and either cannot pay it back or do not want to pay it back. Men and women who are in an abusive relationship escape the marriage and go into hiding. These people can be helped by the Police and the Police will give a report to their family members to say that they are safe and well but do not wish to be located.

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