Listening Devices In Business And At Home

Critical Information

You know something is going on but you can never quite hear that phone call or you are out of ear shot or you have been spotted and the people you want to hear move right out of range. It could be that something is going on and you have no idea at all what it is, until it is too late. Whatever the reason there is a device that can help you find out that critical information you need.

Listening Devices In Business And At Home

What Devices Are There?

There are three categories of listening device:

  1. Infinity Transmitters. These devices give you the flexibility of being able to listen in from anywhere in the world by dialling in to the device via a network.
  2. Recording. This device gives you the ability to record a conversation either in a face to face capacity or from a hidden device that is nowhere near.
  3. Microphones. These can be a mini microphone to a listen through the wall “bionic ear”.

Infinity Transmitters

These transmitters work on a mobile phone network which will give you worldwide cover. The SIM card in the device can be called using another phone and conversations and surrounding noise can be listened to with exceptional quality. When certain networks are used with this type of device it is possible to call listening bugs all over the world. These bugs can be voice activated, which saves battery life and they come in a myriad of different household items and objects. There are air fresheners, extension leads and the best, as there are no battery problems, GSM Socket Transmitter. This device will record for as long as is needed.


A voice recorder can be a voice activated device that will record any noise that is within its range. The devices can be hidden and still generate the recordings for as long as the memory and the battery can last. The objects that can be transformed into a listening device are unlimited as almost anything, with a bit of imagination can be converted into a listening bug. House hold objects such as, air fresheners, smoke alarms, electric sockets and extension leads and adapters, to name but a few can all help to find out the information you need. Body worn devices such as watches, glasses and hats can all be used to catch conversations at the time or can be left lying around to record when the people are unsuspecting.


Microphones and amplifiers can be used to listen and where possible record information from though walls or from far away. Some microphones are so small that they can be hidden in your clothing or hidden somewhere in the vicinity of where the conversation will be taking place. Some people always talk on their mobile in the same place and if you are concerned about what is being said you could place a hidden microphone in the surrounding area which will enable you to hear what has been talked about and to whom it is being said.

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