Limiting screen time for your kid? It’s harder than it looks

Many American parents are engaged in a battle over screen time with their kids. But it’s not going well.

Ninety-five percent of U.S. teens have their own mobile devices, and many see screen-time limits as unjustified punishment.

Chicago teenager Everett Hailey says, “I didn’t do anything wrong to deserve that. If I get my work done, I think I should have my own time.”

Experts say parents should set some limits, but also focus on whether their child is healthy, making good friends and doing well in school. There’s homework for parents, too, who need to put down their devices for screen-free family time.

When Everett’s dad, Allen Hailey, is on his phone while watching a football game, Everett is quick to tell him he’s on his phone too much.


Author: Tech Poster

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