Latest Technologies In Rugs – Do It In A Smart Way

Are you ready to introduce a new rug in your abode? If yes, then buck up yourself to shop for a rug in an entirely new way. You ought to know that the rug industry is undergoing great developments and thus, flooring options you get today are very attractive, healthy, green, affordable as well as reliable.

Latest Technologies In Rugs – Do It In A Smart Way

What is the Innovation about?
You can get a rug that promotes clean air in your house as well as the one made from recycled bottles of plastic. There is even a rug, which resists stains. These are only a few of them, as these are in great numbers.

During manufacturing, the fiber and backing is filled with organic salt solution. This reacts with the pressure applied when walking on the rug, whereas the organic compounds emitted help to neutralize the odors without spreading the odors into the fabric of your rug. Further, compounds released here are non-toxic in nature. Be it the smell of cigar smoke or the aroma of roses, these rugs will neutralize all the odors. The rug though will not preserve the aromas, but the neutralizing procedure helps to breakdown the odors as well as destroys them as a result, the room smells clean and fresh. Further, as the makers dye the fiber throughout, it becomes easy for spot cleaning. Thus, with the help of water and bleach, you can easily eliminate stains of marker, juice, ketchup and soils.

Innovative as well as Eco-Friendly:
Are you thinking of green living? If yes, then you have the options of environmentally friendly rugs. Here, you need to look out for rugs made from organic and natural fibers or materials or from recyclable items such as plastic bottles.

Bottles of beverages with polyethylene terephthalate resins when reduced to bits, cleaned and squeezed out to form fibers can be used for making yarns for rugs. The end product is a durable, stain resistant and soft rug. If you are an eco-friendly guy, then these types of rugs are highly recommendable for you.

Rugs and Healthy Living:
People suffering from respiratory disease are often advised to stay away from carpeting. This is due to the reason that several carpets emit volatile compounds after few weeks of installation. The rug also will accumulate pollens and dust over time triggering respiratory problems such as asthma.

Rug making procedures have changed a lot these days, as companies today avoid using too much of volatile compounds. Thus, you get rugs that emit reduced amount of volatile compounds as well as thwart pollens and dust.

Technologies of today’s time have made the task of carpeting very easy to maintain and clean as well as health and eco friendly. These not only help to adorn your home, but also help to safeguard your family, pet and our planet.

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