Intel Announces New Online TV Service With Set-Top Box

Intel has finally put an end to the long-rumored foray of the company into television. Last Tuesday, Intel’s Corporate Vice President, Erik Huggers has confirmed that they are indeed developing an Intel-produced online television service.

Intel Announces New Online TV Service With Set-Top Box

During the AllThingsD hosted conference D: Dive Into Media, Huggers told the audience that they have been working for almost a year now to set up a group called Intel Media–made up of people from Apple, Google and Netflix. Part of the new division’s project is to develop an Internet television platform, which they intend to launch this year. The service will come with an Intel-powered set-top box, which is available directly from the company.

Taking the Internet Television Dip

It could be remembered that Intel’s history in TV boxes is marred with failures. One notable failed effort was Logitech Revue that is based on Google technology and used TV optimized chips by Intel. It can also be recalled that Intel closed its retail TV business in 2011.

However, this time around the company is leaving the past behind with the confirmation of their Internet television service. Huggers believe that they will be able to provide consumers with a television experience like no other as their online television service combines together live TV, catch-up TV, and the ability to stream content over the Internet, not to mention additional applications.

Users will have to pay both for the set-top box and the ability to watch TV online. But like the ones offered by major cable companies and satellite providers, programming comes in bundles. Huggers even noted that they have cast a wide net when it comes to partnering with programmers, so as to make their bundles better than the ones offered by cable providers.

One problem many experts see about Intel’s inclusion of the set-top box is that it will come with camera capabilities that will watch user movements, authenticate users, and take not of viewing habits to provide a more personalized viewing experience. This feature, of course, might raise concerns about the privacy of users.

Another challenge that the service might face is in the area of pricing. Considering that Intel chips are pricier compared to RAM-based solutions, onlookers are worried that the service won’t come at the right price.

What the service can mean to Intel

There is no telling how Intel’s decision to foray into Internet television service will turn out. However, this can be a good shift as this will reduce their dependence on the computer chip business, especially now that world wide sales of PCs are dwindling due to the popularity of mobile devices. Penetrating the consumer space through Internet television service may also offer potential growth for the company.

Intel’s online television service is yet to be named, but it definitely is gaining a lot of buzz. Hopefully, the company will be able to live up to its promise which is to provide consumers with enhanced televisions experience once they roll it out. Likewise, they should be able to offer an online television service that is friendly to the pocket.

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