Inflammatory letter sheds light on Uber’s alleged misconduct

A federal judge has unsealed an inflammatory letter in which a former Uber security specialist accused the ride-hailing service of corporate espionage.

The letter alleges Uber dispatched a team of spies to steal its rivals’ trade secrets and take other shady actions to thwart competition.

The explosive allegations, released Friday, have reshaped a high-profile trial pitting Uber against Waymo, a Google spin-off accuses the ride-hailing service of stealing its self-driving car technology.

The letter is also evidence in a criminal investigation being conducted by the U.S. Justice Department.

Waymo is focused on a part of the letter alleging Uber’s espionage unit sought to steal its trade secrets. Former Uber manager Richard Jacobs has testified that his lawyer, who wrote the letter, was mistaken about that allegation.


Author: Tech Poster

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