Incredible Tiger-Stone Brick Laying Machine Quadruples Convenience Of Brick Laying

Manual labour is an arduous task for brick layers, but a Dutch Industrial Designer has invented the Tiger Stone brick laying machine, which cuts brick laying in half and makes the exercise of laying a brick road, a cinch. The back-breaking burden of laying a carpet of bricks can take a person several months of being on their hands and knees. This new brick laying tool creates an instant carpet of patterned bricks that can easily pave a spectacular road in no time at all.

Incredible Tiger-Stone Brick Laying Machine Quadruples Convenience Of Brick Laying


Tiger-Stone was designed by Henk van Kujik who conceptualised his innovate brick laying machine after he figured that kneeling down to lay each brick was far too labour intensive. Brick laying jobs required doing the job by hand, which only achieved 75 to 100 metres when done by one person. Tiger-Stone machine achieves 400 metres per day, and the only labour involved is creating the pattern.

The art of laying bricks or paving stones gave way to asphalt and concrete after it was deemed too much labour and it took too long to achieve. The new brick laying machine literally lays the bricks out like a sheath. The crew feed bricks or paving stones into the machine in a pattern and gravity does the rest of the work as the layout then slides down through a slim tunnel and straight onto the road. The machine comes in different widths to accommodate the different sized roads which means the brick paved roads – highly sought after many years ago – will be making a comeback. Their durability and aesthetic appeal have always made brick roads attractive but the sheer exercise of laying them was too much; not anymore though.

Apart from the chore of brick laying, the machinery involved, inconvenience and noise factors have always been a bother for people living close to the construction sites, but the Tiger-Stone brick laying machine cuts most of those annoyances out of the equation. The noise is minimal as the machine has few moving parts. The ease of feeding the bricks is less intensive and the speed of the brick carpet laying means that a new road surface doesn’t have to take several weeks, but rather, a new road can be down and in use within 48 hours.

The design is exceptionally simple and very smart. Once the road is laid down a crew member drives over the new surface with a tamper to secure the bricks in place; the road is then ready for use. The invention is a marvel in so many ways, particularly in its simplicity. Perhaps we’ll start seeing more brick laying Tiger-Stone machines, and prettier roads with fewer potholes.

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