How To Use CAD Technology As A Part Of Your Sales Strategy

Computer aided design technology is widely used by designers across all industries as it gives them a more accurate view of how their product will look and function. CAD technology can also be used as part of a business’s sales strategy. Often sales depend on how good a product looks and by using CAD you can create aesthetically pleasing 3D images of your product, enabling your customers to get an almost life-like view. In this article we will explain how you can use CAD to boost your sales and give examples of how various industries have incorporated the technology into their sales and marketing strategies.

How To Use CAD Technology As A Part Of Your Sales Strategy


Brochures and catalogues

CAD software can be used to create both technical and non-technical sales brochures for a wide range of products. Believe it or not almost any product can be marketed using this technology. CAD enables designers to create realistic graphics which can be used in company catalogues to grasp the consumers’ attention and boost sales. You may want to think about creating downloadable CAD graphics for your website. The better image the customer can get of a product, the more confident they will be in purchasing it.


Architects, interior designers and property developers all use CAD technology as a sales tool. If you work as an architect or property developer you will have a creative brain that enables you to picture a finished design in your head. Unfortunately your customers are not usually able to do the same thing, even when they are presented with a 2D drawing. By creating a 3D CAD presentation you can show your customers exactly what their finished home will look like, down to every last detail. You can answer any questions they have and make changes before any work begins. Presenting your customers with a detailed CAD design will reassure them and increase their confidence in your work, making it more likely that you will close the deal there and then.

CAD presentations can also be used for selling projects to contractors. You will be able to answer any questions they have before they take on the project, minimising mistakes, costs and waste.

Product design

CAD technology is used by many product designers as a sales tool which they use to market their ideas to engineers and manufacturers. If you work in product design you will understand the importance of creating accurate and detailed drawings. Using CAD technology you will be able to produce mechanical drawings and use simulation features to show your clients how the product will function. Your client will then be able to decide whether they like the product and think it will be practical to manufacture. By cutting down on the time spent on prototyping, CAD technology enables products to enter into the market much more quickly.

CAD technology enables products to enter into the market much more quickly


Fashion Designers

If you work as a fashion designer you will know just how important meetings with buyers are. These meetings will determine the success of your collections, so it is important to create a professional and sophisticated presentation for your clients. Using CAD technology you can virtually showcase your collections to fashion buyers without having to physically make the products. The accurate, detailed designs you produce will look almost life-like, enabling buyers to make their decision there and then.CAD drawings are far more sophisticated than hand sketches and are more likely to capture the attention of your buyers, boosting sales for your company.


Using CAD technology as part of your sales strategy will speed up the time it takes for your products to enter the market, enabling you to start making profit much more quickly. Providing clients with an accurate 3D drawing will increase your requests for quotations, as your customers will be much more confident in your ability and designs. If you want to increase your sales and satisfy your customers then it is worth investing in CAD technology and incorporating it into your sales and marketing strategies.

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