How To Archive Email Messages To PDF

Despite the proliferation of social media, the business world still runs on email. Email messages created using Microsoft’s popular Outlook email client are stored in PST (Personal Storage Table) files. Besides the actual email message text, PST files can also contain attachments, notes, tasks, contacts and calendar items. Because PST files are proprietary to Microsoft Outlook, some business are turning to the open Portable Document Format (PDF) for archiving and preserving emails for the long term.

Although there are many free PDF printers availabale on the market, they come up short when exporting email to PDF, particularly when it comes to processing email file attachments.  For example, do you want the attachments converted into the PDF image?  Should the attachments be embedded as files that can be extracted and edited?  Should they be extracted from the email and stored separtely from the PDF file?

To handle the conversion of email to PDF with such advanced criteria requires a specialized Windows app like PST Viewer Pro.

PST Viewer Pro

PST Files and More

PST Viewer Pro is designed to read both the older ANSI and newer Unicode versions of PST files. This application was originally developed to support PST files, but it now supports other MS Outlook file formats as well:

· MSG (Outlook email messages)

· OST (Offline folders)

· EML (Outlook Express emails)

· Winmail.DAT (Rich Text files)

· MHT files (web page archival).

Benefits of PST Viewer Pro

Pst Viewer PRo has been successfully downloaded and used by over a million Windows users world-wide because of the following benefits:

· You can open your email on any computer without requiring the MS Outlook email client to be installed on that machine.

· The application code accepts non-standard email formatting and even the most complex Outlook emails containing Rich Text messages, embedded graphics and advanced formatting using SmartArt and charts, so that you don’t have to bear with partially-viewable emails.

· You may have forgotten the password that you set to protect your PST files; PST Viewer Pro opens the file without the password.

· Support is provided in more than 10 languages, making it the favored email viewer application across the globe.

Additional Functionality of PST Viewer Pro

Don’t go by its name; PST Viewer Pro is much more than an email viewer program. It allows you to manage, work with and convert various MS Outlook file extensions. Even though you are not using your regular email client, PST Viewer Pro offers a comprehensive toolbar containing all the functionality you would need, such as:

· Reply / Reply All / Forward

· Advanced Search (both by date and field)

· Print email (including batch printing)

· Quick Search to locate a text string

· Batch export to PDF (Portable Document Format) for archival

Export Options to PDF

Although PST Viewer Pro can handle the export of various email file formats to PDF, its main support is for exporting Outlook PST emails. Within this, you are presented with various export options:

· Convert the email along with attachments to a PDF image

· Convert only the email text content to PDF and then embed the attachments within the output file

· Convert only the email text content to PDF while ignoring the attachments

· Extract the email attachments to your local hard drive

· Combine multiple emails into a single PDF file

· Append emails to an existing PDF file

· Besides emails, other file formats such as GIF, TIF, BMP, JPG, CSV and HTML can also be converted to PDF format using the PST Viewer Pro software.

PST Viewer Pro Versions

The PST Viewer Pro software is available in a 32-bit or 64-bit version; the optimum version for your system is automatically selected during installation based on your machine’s operating system. The 32-bit application is restricted to 4 GB memory; the 64-bit version can use much higher memory and thus displays enhanced performance for email searches and exports. You may not need all the features provided with the application; your company’s system administrator can configure the application on your systems with a customized interface to meet your company’s needs. A free trial can be downloaded from the PST Viewer Pro home page.

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