Home Security Through The Ages

At Confused.com we understand that thanks to the growing trend towards consumerism homeowners nowadays have more reason than ever to consider contents insurance.

Accordingly, as the purchase of technological goods has increased, so has home security advanced to offer more sophisticated systems of warning to protect your belongings from any potential burglars.

For years we’ve had warning systems in place to deter any would-be intruders but these systems have progressed dramatically as time has ticked on.

Home Security Through The Ages

First alarm systems

The first home alarm systems were developed in the middle of the 19th century following the invention of the battery in 1799 and the telegraph in 1841.

These were known as local alarm systems because you had to be nearby to hear the sirens that were emitted when the alarm was tripped as there was no central monitoring in place.

This was a major flaw in the design of the alarm as it relied on the goodwill of neighbours or the homeowner’s presence to inform the police of an intrusion.

Another drawback was that these sirens were easily silenced by closing the entry door or window to re-secure the release button that triggers the alarm. Eventually too many false alarms led to the warning sirens being ignored.

Modern alarm systems

Today the most common type of home alarm system is the high decibel siren linked to a central monitoring company.

If an alarm sounds the call centre is informed and after 45 seconds (enough time for the homeowner to silence the noise if it’s a false alarm) a phone call is made to the property holder who will confirm whether or not police assistance is required.

A potential problem with this system is that the process of delaying before making the calls and informing the police could provide enough time for any burglar to complete their task.

Another modern day alarm system is the loud unmonitored siren. This is not connected to a call centre and is heavily reliant on trusting your neighbours to alert the police if a warning is sounded.

Technological advancements have led to the creation of different kinds of home security systems from motion detectors and infrared alarms that sense body heat to cameras and home CCTV units.


Other security systems

Mankind’s earliest home security systems involved the use of drums, horns and smoke signals to warn of any impending danger.

If you were particularly affluent, flamboyant and took the phrase “your home is your castle” too literally then a moat could provide all the security you needed and in the early 19th century some well-to-do homeowners even hired security guards.

These days home security has advanced beyond all recognition. Door and window locks, including mortices and deadlocks, are a simple yet effective deterrent.

Glass break sensors can be fitted to windows and stress sensors slipped under carpets and rugs while security lighting can make a burglar think twice before entering a property.

Yet even with all this technological innovation the effective implementation of a prickly shrub or a thorny bush ring fencing your property should not be scoffed at.

Adam Davies is a Digital Marketing Assistant for Confused.com contents insurance and a trained journalist.

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