Hidden Camera To Keep Family Member Safe

What Types Of Hidden Cameras Are There?

There are many types of hidden cameras available and deciding on what to use will depend on how you wish to use them. If you are thinking about home security then having a covert CCTV system installed in your home will keep you safe. This could run alongside ensuring that all your windows and doors have sufficient locks and you should also remember to close your curtains and blinds at night so that any potential burglar might be discouraged from hitting your home as they can’t see what is available to be taken.

Hidden Camera To Keep Family Member Safe

What Would You Chose?

Once you have decided on what you would like the camera for then you are ready to look. If you would like to keep your garden secure and have worries about your garden furniture or expensive ornaments being taken then perhaps a mini bird box camera would put your mind at rest. Maybe your pets are damaging the house while you are at work and you would like to know which one is the offender or why they are doing this and at the same time you would like to check up on your cleaner then you should perhaps chose a smoke alarm camera or a plant pot mini camera. The cameras are totally undetectable as they are a camera hidden cleverly into the real thing.

A Past Case In Which A Family Member Was Kept Safe With The Use Of A Hidden Camera

A family whose elderly grandmother was living in a warden control bungalow were concerned for her safety. She had been living in the bungalow since her husband had died and had been enjoying life. She was an incredibly sharp minded woman and very independent until she unfortunately broke her hip and was hospitalised for some time. when she finally came out of hospital she was not as able as she had been and need to have a carer a couple of times a day.

This was when the trouble started. She did not like the fact that she needed help and fought it. The family had to visit the management team of the warden controlled bungalows to sort out a few problems that she had caused. Thankfully she gave in to the fact that she was not as independent as she once had been and calmed down. During this time she noticed that her money and her food was going missing. Since she had made a big fuss the family decided to take the matter into their own hands with the help of a private detective.

The detective suggested putting a hidden camera into the bungalow in the guise of a DAB radio. The device was placed in the kitchen which was the area of the bungalow where the money and food went missing from. The family went to visit Gran a few days after the camera had been fitted and the watched the footage. It showed the one of the home helpers was helping herself to the contents of the fridge and cupboards. Eating the crisps and chocolate like it was going out of fashion. She them looked in all the draws to see what else she could find. The woman was reported to the police and Gran kept her camera to catch anyone else out who decided to steal from her.

As the author Charlie Hodgson is a very experienced private investigator and reviewed this case for private detectives. You can read more articles like this at   http://www.bristol-privatedetectives.co.uk/

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