Google claims ‘quantum supremacy’ breakthrough

Google announced Wednesday it designed a machine that would take only 200 seconds to solve a problem that the world’s fastest computer would need 10,000 years to compute.

The results from the Sycamore machine were lauded by the company as “a milestone on the path to full-scale quantum computing” and a breakthrough called “quantum supremacy.”

Quantum computers operate using quantum bits, which can be any combination of zero and one, unlike classical computers which run at either a state of one or zero. This allows quantum computers to process certain problems exponentially faster than their classical counterparts.

However, Google’s claim of a “breakthrough” was not celebrated by all.

Dario Gil, the director of IBM Researcher, had once called the claim of “quantum supremacy” misleading.

“Quantum computers are not ‘supreme’ against classical computers because of a laboratory experiment designed to essentially implement one very specific quantum sampling procedure with no practical applications,” according to a written statement from Gil, published by Forbes.

The information technology company believes the problem could be solved on a classical system in 2.5 days, at most.

IBM said Google’s error came from an erroneous assumption involving a computer’s memory.

Google did not immediately respond to ABC News for comment on IBM’s claims. However, as of Wednesday afternoon, the company appeared to stand by their results, calling the calculation on the Sycamore “infeasible on the fastest supercomputers.”


Author: Tech Poster

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