Get The Benefits Of A Touch Screen Smartphone For The Price Of A Basic Mobile With The Samsung Tocco Lite S5 230 Pink

If you have always liked the idea of having a cool touch screen smartphone, but simply can’t afford the high price tag for one of the top end models, you may still be stuck using an old fashioned, basic mobile. Pay as you go users in particular can find that the high prices to buy many smartphone devices outright, so they can be used freely on a pre paid plan, are simply too prohibitive. If this has been the only thing holding you back from joining the smartphone revolution, then you’ll be pleased to know that it is possible to get a good smartphone by industry leading manufacturer Samsung, for the same sort of price you may pay for a basic mobile. The device is called the Samsung Tocco Lite S5 230, and we took one of the cute pink models, the Tocco Lite S5 230 Pink, for a spin to see how good it is.

What The Tocco Lite S5 230 Pink Offers

The Samsung Tocco Lite S5 230 Pink offers most of the features of a top of the range smartphone, though in a more “lite’ sort of a way – for example you can browse the web, and customize the phone with special gadgets, but you won’t find a vast number of apps for this phone which runs the proprietary Samsung Touchwiz OS like you would for an Android phone, a Windows phone, an iPhone or even a Blackberry. The phone has a camera, and you can use it as an MP3 player, as well as of course for calling, texting, reading web pages and emailing, and it also uses Google maps.

How Did Samsung Keep Costs Down While Still Producing A Great Smartphone?

The reasons why the cool Tocco Lite S5 230 Pink is considered a budget phone are that all the features have been provided with none of the frills that would make it a phone that could compete with something like an iPhone. The camera is there, and is adequate for most people’s casual, social photography needs, but at a mere 3.2 megapixels it is nowhere near as good as the 8 megapixel cameras that are standard on high end devices or even the 5 megapixel ones you get on older smartphones or mid range new ones. The phone also lacks 3G or Wi-Fi connectivity, so when you use data services or browse the internet you are using Edge or GPRS. This isn’t that bad, and is actually what the original iPhone had rather than 3G so it isn’t completely debilitating, but it does mean you can’t really do stuff like stream movies or YouTube clips or download big media files.

All in all, the Tocco Lite S5 230 Pink is ideal for someone who wants to upgrade from a basic mobile to a touch screen smartphone without splashing out on a top end model. It offers a whole host of features and functionality and while it does feel somewhat like a budget phone (because it is), it won’t leave you feeling disappointed.

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Finding a great smartphone that costs less can be hard, but with the cool Samsung Tocco Lite S5 230 Pink UK technology writer Laura Ginn thinks customers can get the functionality of a great touch screen, web capable device for a fantastic low price – even on pay as you go style plans…

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