Gaming Laptops: What To Look For

Computer games are insanely popular. Games are getting more graphics-heavy, and undoubtedly, graphics will continue to improve. Thus, to be able to keep enjoying your favorite games you have to upgrade your PC or laptop every 2 years. Sad but true. I recommend getting rid of your desktop. Buy a decent gamer laptop and you will never regret it. After all, you can play games on the go! This is something a desktop can never offer!

Even a child understands that not every laptop is good for gaming. So, here’s what you have to consider when choosing a laptop for gaming.

Gaming Laptops: What To Look For


The size does matter if we are talking about gaming laptops. If you want to have a superior widescreen view, the screen should be 17+ inches. Yes, 15 inch display is OK as well, but size matters in gaming. Having a good screen resolution is crucial if you want to have an awesome animation and detailed landscapes, thus make sure the screen resolution is at least 1920 x 1080. One of the important things you need to remember about gaming notebooks is that they are heavier than traditional laptops and may weigh more than five kilograms. To keep the CPU cool, a high-end gaming laptop should have at least two fans. Usually, CPU and graphic cards have own coolers.


The smoothness of your gaming experience greatly depends on the graphic card. It is recommended to avoid low-end cards and they heat up very quickly. Besides, you will have to use low graphic settings in games. You aren’t a loser, are you? AMD Radeon and NVIDIA’s GTX modules are quite popular. Having at least 2MB of video memory will offload CPU (make sure you get at least core i5 or i7 )and RAM.

Many games require much disc space, thus the hard drive space of a powerful gaming laptop should be at least 500GB. The next aspect you need to check is the speed of the hard drive which should be at least 7200 RPM (if you get SSD, this will be an awesome decision). Having 8MB of RAM on board is a must for a gaming laptop.


Similarly to traditional notebooks, gaming laptops allow attaching various peripheral devices. Most of modern laptops come with a Blu-ray drives, several USB ports, memory card readers and one or two HDMI ports. You do want to use a special gaming mouse and keyboard, don’t you?

Warranty and support

Ultra-powerful gaming laptops packed with high-end specs are quite expensive. The manufacturer’s guarantee covers all hardware defects and generally expires in one year. Also make sure the website you are purchasing your gaming device from offers basic support options, like contact information (email, telephone number) and live chat.

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