Five Ways Surveillance And Technology Could Help You

There are many times where we cannot know everything we need to about our families and loved ones but surveillance is a method of investigation that ensures that you have all the information you need.

Suspicious Partner

Five Ways Surveillance And Technology Could Help You

Have you seen a change in the behaviour of your partner or spouse that has started to raise your suspicions? Have you noticed your partner acting differently? If you are concerned that they are having an affair and want to find out the truth before confronting them, then surveillance can provide the certainty you need in such a turbulent time. Using the information you provide on your partner, our operatives can carry out surveillance to establish their whereabouts and actions as well as associates and confirm whether or not their relationships are appropriate and gain enough photographic and video evidence so that you can see the findings for yourself.

Legal Evidence

Unfortunately, all too often the information gathered as evidence from cases involving infidelity is put to use in the divorce courts which follow the investigations, though this is not the only reason why surveillance can be used to gain evidence. We are often approached by landlords who may be owed some financial debt from rent, damages or related costs by tenants who claim to be unable to repay a debt they owe for one reason or another. With the photographic and video evidence gathered through surveillance it can be established whether the reasons put forward by debtors have any ground and it can be ensured that the money is returned to its rightful owner.

Misconduct at Work

As an employer, it can be difficult to keep track of all the individuals under your supervision and sometimes inappropriate behaviour can slip under the radar. Hidden camera surveillance and mobile surveillance is a quick and effective means of solving a host of problems that you could face as an employer.  Claims of sick leave for example, are easily assessed and confirmed, disputes within a company can be hastily resolved and problems such as the leaking of company data and employee misconduct are quickly identified. Surveillance can also be very effective in confirming suspicions of office or company theft and in cases that involve misuse of company property.

Domestic Employees

We always want to know that our home and families are secure and sometimes the best way to ensure their safety is to employ domestic help. To make sure that you only have the people you want in your employment and your home, we are able to provide a covert surveillance hidden camera service that allows you to monitor the activities of an employee until you feel comfortable that they are the right person to be in your home and with your family. Placing enough trust in an individual to let them into your home is a difficult thing to do and it’s important that the person caring for your loved ones is doing their job well.

Untrustworthy Individual

It doesn’t have to be the people closest to us that we need to see under surveillance to feel more comfortable about. Whether it is the husband of a friend you suspect of being unfaithful, a disruptive neighbour or someone affecting a member of your family, surveillance can shed light on many different situations. Depending on what you need to find out and you want to catch, surveillance can be stationary or operatives can move with a target allowing a flexibility that could not be achieved by an individual and makes sure that every case is unique and personal.

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