Five Reasons Where Hidden Cameras Have Been Used To Unveil Secrets

A Neighbourly Affair

This first incident resulted in one of the most unexpected discoveries when the one who got caught wasn’t the one anybody was expecting. The investigation began with a woman concerned over the trustworthiness of her domestic help and requested that covert surveillance be set up within her home to monitor the activities. The recordings gathered showed no signs of deceit on the individual’s part. The case took an unexpected turn however, when the surveillance captured footage of the husband who, unaware of his wife’s suspicions of their maid, proceeded to become intimate with their neighbour and friend.


Office Theft

This next case involved a different kind of workplace but was also instigated as a result of the untrustworthy behaviour of an employee. There were suspicions that supplies had been going missing from the company store room for several months with no suspects or evidence against anyone. The thefts had recently become more frequent and costly and there was a need to find out who was behind it. Hidden cameras were placed to cover the area without arousing suspicion. The individual behind the thefts was soon identified and was witnessed taking items on three separate occasions within a single 8 hour shift. Following the investigation, appropriate action was taken against the individual and the dispute was resolved.

Lying Landlord or Testing Tenant?

A landlord was having some difficulties with tenants who owed him money. The owner of the property had received notice from the tenants that the property was damaged due to neglect on his part when he knew this not to be the case. He believed that the damage was a direct result of their treatment of the property and requested them to pay for the damages as agreed to in the contract. To do this, the landlord needed to gain evidence that could be used in a legal case, should the need to arise, to demonstrate that they were responsible and it was agreed that the most efficient means of doing this would be to visit wearing a hidden camera and film the property then go back three months later and do the same. The surveillance footage gathered revealed that the client was correct and in due course received the money he was owed.

Five Reasons Where Hidden Cameras Have Been Used To Unveil Secrets

Nanny Cam

Surveillance of domestic help is something in which a lot of couples want to gain reassurance that the Nanny they hire is the right person to be caring for their children. The best course of action to be taken is to install hidden cameras in the home and monitor the individual’s interactions with the children and their general behaviour around the home. The surveillance was set up and from the footage captured; it was plain to see that the individual was neglecting the young children for most of the day. Partaking in personal activities and errands before hastily sorting out the children minutes before the clients arrived home. This inappropriate behaviour was stopped before too much damage was done and someone more suited to the position was hired.

Extra Marital Relations

Unfortunately the surveillance set up in this case did reveal the results the client was expecting which spelled the end of his marriage. This man had had doubts about his wife’s fidelity but had pushed them to one side for the sake of the marriage and his family. However, by the time he came to us, his wife’s behaviour had changed so dramatically that it could no longer be ignored and so he requested that surveillance be established within their home to determine whether or not she was acting faithfully and if not, then who with. Shortly after the cameras were installed in the property, the husband’s suspicions were realised as his wife became intimate with a man the client was able to identify as his brother.

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