Five Outdoor Surveillance Cameras

1. Outdoor Covert Camera

These outdoor covert cameras are designed for game and wildlife use but they are perfect for covert surveillance operations and as a security camera in remote areas where there is no electric available. The new model comes with invisible black LEDs that do not glow making it invisible to humans and animals. With numerous settings which enable the camera  to capture 1-3 images per trigger it also has a programmable trigger that shoots anywhere from 1 second to 60 minute intervals. It also has a day/night infrared sensor that takes a picture on detection of movement, up to 45 feet away day or night. This state of the art camera uses AA batteries and has a full colour LCD Display and HD video that has a length of 1 to 60 seconds. It records onto an SD card and can take up to 32GB which is around 20,000 images.

2. All Weather Night vision Surveillance Camera

This Advanced-Vision Camera doesn’t need anything else as it has it all. A built in heater to stop the lens from frosting up and it can work right down to -25°C. This along with the tapered design helps prevent build-up of snow on the lens which has a UV stabilised lens cover toughened to help stop scratches and the lens becoming opaque. A tough polymer resin filled interior keeps the electronics protected against water and shock – this camera dose not suffer from condensation. It also has a roll off drip lip which helps guide water around the lens rather than across it during heavy downpours. This camera was designed for us in Pubs and nightclubs and has fantastic results in a low light environment. There is also a unique bracket system that will allow great movement and can be fixed anywhere.

Five Outdoor Surveillance Cameras

3. Dome camera night vision

This is a high resolution Dome Camera for indoor and outdoor use that has night vision capability. An anti-vandal dome camera engineered from solid aluminium which is Ideal for shops, bars, schools & offices. It is a popular camera that was originally developed for use in bars and nightclubs because the light sensitivity is very good it can retain a colour picture in very low light conditions. The dome is suitable for shops, bars, schools and offices. The lens is vari-focal lens which means that the cameras can be adjusted for a wide angle of view or a narrow angle distance shot

4. Portable surveillance kit 1

A portable surveillance kit which is perfect for keeping in the car to take on surveillance jobs etc. It is easy to use and ideal for taking along with you and setting up without any hassle. The portable surveillance kit includes: a Digital Video Recorder with 1Tb hard drive and built in screen with time and date stamp, a Night Vision Camera with zoom function, a Rugged Carry Case.

5. Camera Recorder

This is a complete surveillance recording system. It is able to withstand the harshest weather conditions that any winter has to offer. It is the perfect choice as an outdoor security observation system for your garden or in an out of the way location. It can be used in both daylight and at night and will give you clear images with the 2 Mega Pixel camera or videos up to 32 feet.

Charlie Hodgson is a private detectives  who has the experience and the expertise of a man who has worked for many years in the surveillance and security industry. His knowledge and skill is vast and he has taken particular interest in outdoor surveillance equipment as this type of equipment has saved him many hours of static surveillance. If you would like to read more articles like this please contact

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