Five Liars Who Got Caught Using Technology And A Private Detective

Seeing Double

This case was instigated by a woman whose husband was found to be leading a double life. A couple had been married happily for many years and had a family and home together without any problems. A few months before the woman had started to become concerned that her husband had begun seeing another woman and so requested our services. We set up surveillance on her partner as agreed but found a much more unexpected result. It was discovered that for the entirety of his marriage to the client, the target had another home and family in a nearby area that were also unaware of his other hobbies. Video and photographic evidence was. Following the investigation both relationships have been dissolved.

Five Liars Who Got Caught Using Technology And A Private Detective

Conveniently Forgetful

A local employer was concerned over the behaviour of an employee. The target had been working for the company for several years without problems but had recently begun exhibiting inappropriate behaviour and rumours had begun to spread around the office of his lifestyle, habits and past. As a result of these two factors he decided to investigate the matter further. Not long after the investigation began, some inconsistencies were identified in the initial background checks. It was soon revealed that the individual had conveniently neglected to include his serious mental health issues and spell in prison on his original application and was in no regard suitable for such a sensitive customer based position.

Not So Secret Affair

This relationship had been tested many times before. but this deception would be the last. The couple had had a rocky relationship from the first but had always managed to put aside their problems until the man believed his girlfriend to be in a serious relationship with another man who she had met through work. Rather than launching a full investigation, the man wanted to hear the truth from his girlfriend in an environment where he knew she could not lie and so opted for a polygraph test. This method of lie detection would be able to tell when and if the individual was lying as it soon became clear she was. The relationship ended the individual is now in a relationship with her colleague.

Work or Play?

Suspicions with concerns over a husband’s inconsistent work schedule and that he was not always where he said he was. The best course of action would be to primarily confirm his work hours and so this was done by surveillance and photographic and video footage. It soon became apparent that the target was at least lying about this as his hours were almost half of what he had been telling his wife. Once this was reported more surveillance was undertaken and it was discovered that in these apparent work hours the target was having an affair with a younger work colleague who he seemed to have been involved with for some time.

Deceitful Daughter

A couple needed help to find out more about the career of their eldest daughter. Since getting a new job around a month before the daughter had been acting unusually unlike herself and the couple were concerned that she was facing problems that she felt she could not share. Surveillance was set up to monitor their daughter at her place of work to check that she was happy there. Through video and photographic evidence it soon became clear that the working environment was not what the clients had expected, and was a gentleman’s club nearby and not the high class restaurant they had been expecting. After confronting their daughter on the discovery they found that she was struggling for money and had turned to higher paid position.

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