Five Fruitful And Useless Effects Of Mobile Apps

Gadgets such as Smartphone, tablets and other mobile devices have just gone better. As the technology advances, more tasks and transactions are in users’ hands, thanks to mobile apps. Before, mobile apps were created merely for productivity and information accessibility like email retrieval, stock market information and weather forecast. However, the public’s demand led to the development of more types and categories like gaming and banking services.

The original intent of the development of mobile apps is to make everyday transaction and activities more comfortable. However, with its advantages came along negative effects to the society, especially to the young minds.

Mobile apps benefit humans in that…

It cuts back a significant amount of time, money and effort in processing and transactions. Especially the ones for banking, instead of going to the bank, lining up and transacting personally at the counter, there are transactions now like bill payments, statement of accounts viewing, and fund transfer that can be done at home. One can save on gas plus he has more personal time.

Many mobile apps are educational. There are various applications intended for the intellectual development in various categories and developmental stages. They provide students and professionals with the access to limitless information online and offline. Also, many games like puzzles and word games are actually great in that they sharpen the mind.

There are applications developed for personal development. Many mobile apps contain useful tips and knowledge like kitchen recipes, yoga instructions, fitness apps and Bible.

They allow users to store important files and documents online. Dropbox for instance is a great virtual hard drive. One will never know when an emergency will require access to important materials.

They make daily activities a lot easier. Mobile apps like converters and flashlights can come in handy anytime and anywhere.

On the other hand, many people expressed concerns for some mobile apps available that they say are useless and that corrupts the minds. This especially pertains to the young users.

  • Many mobile applications like games, magazines, and guides that have sex, drugs, and violence in them corrupt the minds. This greatly affects the psychosocial development of the users.
  • Younger generations have less socialization and spend more time in internet browsing and mobile device usage. They are too amused with all the mobile apps their device has that there is no need to get out and make friends. Technology has been very much linked with decreasing “will” to access the social system.
  • Many applications are so much entertaining that both young and adults manage time unwisely. Instead of becoming productive, a big amount of time is spent on watching videos or playing games. Becoming too engrossed with mobile apps can cause laziness.
  • Users can’t just let go of their mobile devices that they sleep with it. The mobile apps are just so addictive. Studies have proven that mobile devices emit radiation that is so strong, it can even make a corn pop. More studies recently are being done on the effect of mobile devices to health. Radiation from phones and other devices are now being linked to the development of diseases like cancer and liver damage.
  • Buying mobile apps can encourage unnecessary spending. Some applications are more expensive yet people buy them because it is entertaining.

How mobile devices and the applications installed affect people is a matter of choice. Parents can protect their children from exposure to lewd and destructive contents by screening all the mobile apps their children will download. People can choose to turn off phones or keep them in a distance when not in use.

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Dr. Howard is a psychologist. One of his most recent contributions in a magazine tackled the effects of gadgets to adolescents’ intellectual and emotional development. He loves to write about technology and mobile apps. Visit his blog to read his writings.

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